MBOX to CSV Conversion on Mac OS using the Simple Steps

There are tons of solutions on the internet for the process to convert MBOX to CSV on Mac. There are two types of techniques that the users can follow- The manual Method and a third-party tool. The Manual Method though, they’re free but can put users’ data at risk. As the method is also not a 100% guaranteed one, the users might fail in the end. Also, the Method can result in the loss of the user’s data during the procedure. On the other hand, a third-party tool would always prevent the user’s data from any loss. A third-party tool would deliver accurate results to the users after the completion of the procedure.

Thus, we always recommend the best for our users, therefore, users should opt for a third-party tool. As it guarantees the safety and security of the user’s data during the procedure. Also, it will deliver the results without any delay within a minute only.

Know more about the MBOX & CSV formats

MBOX and CSV are more or less similar file formats except in their functionalities. MBOX though is one of the oldest file formats used by almost 20+ email clients. Therefore, the MBOX files are much in demand and in use by users around the world. As people are using the email clients that are saves emails in MBOX, thus, they have the bulk of MBOX files stored. On the other hand, CSV or comma-separated value is a file format that is not limited to any platform or OS. The users who want to have detailed information about their emails, or contacts prefer to go for CSV. CSV files consist of rows and columns and can access by Spreadsheet programs like Google Spreadsheet, Excel, etc.

Users who want detailed information about their employees or they want to know their contact information, usually go for CSV. CSV consists of email addresses, contacts, phone no, addresses, etc. On the other hand, MBOX stores users’ email messages, contacts, journals, notes, etc.

The Robust & Perfect Technique to Convert MBOX to CSV

We are here with the best tool for our users to Convert MBOX to CSV on Mac for various reasons. MBOX Converter Application is one of the most reliable and trusted file formats by users. The tool will not only preserve and maintain the user’s data but also deliver accurate results within a minute to the user without any delay and glitches.

Here are some of the general benefits listed of the MBOX Converter: –

The toolkit comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI that allows the users to interact with the software effortlessly and in a friendly manner. The application allows the users to operate the software smoothly avoiding any complexities of the procedure. The user doesn’t need to learn any further complex procedures and functions.

The software is very quick in its response, the tool functions effectively as soon as the user uploads the MBOX files. The toolkit can handle large and oversized MBOX files for conversion without any errors and glitches. The software would deliver accurate results to the users within a minute only. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to worry about the output.

The Richness of the Converter – Advantages

Here are some of the major and unique characteristics of the tool listed below: –

1. Flexible-Methods 

The tool allows the users during the conversion to opt for two-flexible features. The users can choose their required destination location and file naming convention of the resultant file. Therefore, it totally depends on the users whether they go for this or not, or else their file would store on the desktop-default location.

2. Dual-Uploading options

The software offers the users the dual-ways to upload their files in the software for conversion. The user can opt for either bulk conversion or they can directly go for a selective one using the Filter options provided in the software.

3. Accuracy & Security

The toolkit not only delivers the user’s result but also provides enough safety and security. The tool guarantees 100% of safety and security to the user’s data during and after the procedure.

4. Preserves and Maintains  

The tool not only preserves but also maintains the MBOX file’s hierarchy during and after the procedure. The subject line, text formatting, and other Meta components of the file are well-preserved.


The article gives the users a direct and effective way to Convert MBOX to CSV on Mac. MBOX Converter can directly and effortlessly convert the bulk of MBOX files to CSV. The tool guarantees 100% safety and security and delivers accurate results to the users. The wizard delivers the output within a minute only, also, it comes with a user-friendly interface. The toolkit supports all the latest versions of Mac OS. Get more related solutions from ArticleGood.

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