Melting Myths About “Wax-Coated” CupCake Boxes

Cupcakes are one of the most popular bakery items. It is loved by people of all ages but children love it the most. This sweet bakery product is eaten with tea and consumed as a snack too. Many bakery owners are using wax-coated custom cupcake boxes that meet their requirements. The wax coating makes these boxes well-suited for packaging and printing. It will make the packaging box printing friendly. There is a wide range of handmade and machine-made boxes that will keep all your bakery products safe. Despite the popularity of these boxes, there are a lot of myths surrounding them. Here are some melting myths about ‘’wax-coated’’ Cupcake boxes.

Wax has waned

For most recyclers, wax-coated cupcake boxes are challenging and confusing at the same time. As these boxes are made with the paper they are easy to recycle. However, as there are concerns about the ways of recycling things can be hard. Most of the boxes that are coated with wax are difficult to recycle. The real thing is that they are coated with polythene (PE) plastic.

These boxes are manufactured with fibers and formed together because of the PE compound. As the box is lined with PE it does not let the moisture of gas enter inside the product. The best thing is that it will keep the cupcakes fresh and prevent them from becoming soggy. Harmful gases can also impact the quality of freshness and the real taste of cupcakes. Fortunately, the wax-coated box can help you maintain a good quality of your bakery products.

Difficulties in recycling

Bakery owners make use of custom cupcake boxes as it helps them stand out among the crowd. There are so many bakeries in one town and it has become difficult to beat them all. When you get your logo embossed it will make your bakery more recognized. Nowadays recycling has become very common. However, with the use of a wax-coated box, you can get into some challenges. The packaging companies have to work hard when it comes to recycling a box that contains a PE coating. It becomes impossible for them to recycle this box with the standard pulp process. The PE coating will break apart during the recycling process. Other packaging solutions that include cardboard and corrugate materials are easy to recycle and reuse.

Wax coating can cause cancer

Many customers believe that wax coating has harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. They may not purchase wax-coated cupcake boxes due to this fear. Bakery owners like to choose a packaging design according to the preferences of targeted customers. There is no doubt for buyers health comes first. They will not compromise on the quality and want the packaging to be safe. There is also a misconception among people that wax-lined paper cups and other such packaging can deteriorate health. However, according to the packaging companies, there is no evidence that wax coating can cause cancer. Bakery owners and other food brands don’t want to take a chance. If they don’t cater to the needs of customers’ sales will not increase.

The myth surrounding the recycling of the Wax cardboard boxes

Up until recent years, wax-coated boxes made with cardboard were used for shipping purposes. These boxes were used to deliver products to the stores for sale. As the need for convenience increased the demand for groceries being shipped straight to the homes of the customers has made these printed boxes popular. The cupcake boxes with a wax coating can be recycled easily. However, there is a myth that recycling these boxes might be difficult. It is not completely false as the recycling companies might face a few hurdles to recycle these boxes. However, these boxes are recycled by many recycling centers successfully. The boxes might not be able to get recycled in their current wax-coated state, but they can be modified and recycled later on. Wax-coated boxes are also made with cardboard and can be recycled without any problems. Since wax-coated cardboard boxes are often refrigerated, and this is the reason why these boxes are used to package food products.

Wax coated boxes are not durable

There is a common belief that custom cupcake boxes are not durable. The myth grew on the basis that the wax coating on the boxes can be taken off easily. This can damage the quality of the box. However, this commonly believed myth is not true at all. Even if you take off the wax coating the cardboard box doesn’t get scratched or damaged at all. You can preserve the quality of the products easily with or without the wax coating. The use of wax coating increases the durability of the boxes. The boxes that are designed with wax coating look brand new for many years to come. Even if you use the boxes over and over again for packaging a new product the quality of the box doesn’t get affected at all.

Wax coating boxes cannot be refrigerated

Many brand owners believe that the wax-coated cupcake boxes wholesale cannot be refrigerated. This is a completely false concept as the box designers are using cold-proof and waterproof wax coating these days. The water-proof and cold-proof wax coating allow you to preserve the food products in the refrigerators and cold storages without any problems. These boxes are ideal to preserve frozen products. If you are planning to sell frozen food items, then getting these boxes is a perfect choice. Many brands are selling baked cupcakes these days. The baked cupcakes can be preserved inside the cold storage easily with the help of these boxes. This will help you to extend the life and freshness of the cupcakes easily.

Wax coating is not moisture resistant

There is a common myth that custom cupcake boxes made with wax coating are not moisture resistant. Many people believe that the boxes are greasy and your hands might get dirty if you touch them. However, the reality is completely the opposite of this. The wax coating boxes are moisture resistant. They are soft and gentle to touch and don’t mess up your hands at all. These boxes are used to package a variety of food items and sweet delights. They are moisture-resistant and prevent the food items from becoming soggy.

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