Microblading vs. Microshading: What’s the Difference in Face?

Eyebrows form an important part of our face.  The shape of our eyebrows directly influences our looks. It is one of the facial features that gain maximum attention. Eyebrows have different shapes and widths. This leads to each of us with unique facial features and looks. However, not everyone contends with their features.

There are people who want fuller or thinner eyebrows. Also, there are various methods that beauticians use to customize the looks. Some of these techniques are microblading and microshading. Read how both of these techniques differ and how they are usable.


In this technique, a beautician applies semi-permanent makeup to the customers’ eyebrows. The cosmetic technician uses pigment ink and a tool. The technician places these tiny dots in the empty spaces. As a result, the eyebrows appear fuller and natural.


This technique makes use of pigment ink. The beauty technician places pigments under the skin using needles through an electric machine. There is no need to use makeup as this technique gives fuller-looking brows in 25 hours.

This technique has been one of the most popular techniques in Asia. America and Europe are increasingly making their use popular.

Differences between Microblading and Micrishading in terms of various factors 

In this section, this section, the focus is on comparing both techniques. Although both of them serve the same purpose, there are some differences. There are some pros and cons of these methods. It is important to be aware of these differences. These points explain the differences that one must know.

Mechanism of operation

Microshading makes use of a pigment/ shade and gradient to make eyebrows look fuller. Most people prefer using this method for Microblading as it covers every minute part. It gives a diffused effect and feathered effect through dot to dot shading.

Microblading, on the other hand, uses the technique of implanting tiny strokes. It is a form of semi-permanent tattoo treatment for the skin. People prefer the former technique to this one as the impact of this is comparatively short.


The duration of Microshading lasts for longer. It can be as long as two years from the time of getting this technique. Whereas the duration or life span of Microblading can be from 18-30 months. However, the difference is that the latter one might need frequent touch-ups within six months,

Visual impact on eyebrows 

Both the techniques employ different ways and thus, produce different visual impacts. While Microshading eyebrows look thicker and fuller eyebrows, microbladed eyebrows have naturally-looking hair-like strokes. This method makes eyebrows visible in a different shape.

Type of skin suitable for each treatment 

Microshading and Microblading, both these techniques work on different types of skins. While the former one applies the best to ideal or sensitive skins. On the other hand, the latter technique applies to people having dry skin.

Some common cons of Microshading and Microblading 

Microshading, the first technique is quite painful and uncomfortable. The most undesirable point here is that there is no insurance for this technique. As per the information already written in this write-up, the effect of this technique is semi-permanent.

Now, the second technique, Microblading has also got some cons. This one causes a little more severe pain. Here is one point of similarity, Both the techniques have got the same con- neither of them has insurance.

Cost of Microshading vs Cost of Microblading

The cost of affording both treatments is almost the same. However, there is a slight difference between the costs. While the cost of affording the Microshding or eyebrow tinting starts from $750 to $2000. The cost may be higher as it depends on the region and other factors.

Talking about the costs of Microblading, this treatment costs slightly less than the former one. To afford this treatment, one must be ready to invest at least $500 to $2000. However, the rise in cost may be seen due to a difference in regions.

The common factors including the costs are the country, quality of services, and many other factors. In simple words, this technique is going to cost you a lot. Keep in mind that there is no insurance so choose things wisely.


Since the main essence of this write-up was defining Microshading and Microblading. People use these techniques to get desirable changes in eyebrows. This is a direct indication of people disliking their natural features and shifting towards artificial looks. This choice might or might not be friendly.

However, in both the methods, disrupting the natural formation of eyebrows to achieve a fuller look is involved.

While Micro-shading uses tinting, microblading uses hair to make eyebrows look fuller. The common cons in both of them are pain and discomfort. Apart from this, neither of them has got you covered under insurance. Thus, choose wisely with a dermatologist in Dubai that you really need those artificial looks? Everything has its own cost and it is up to you to prioritize the right thing.


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