Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Migration to Office 365- Know The Appropriate Method

Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Migration to Office 365

Quick Summary: If your organization has decided to perform a Microsoft Exchange hybrid migration to Office 365 then you have landed on the right page. Here you will find the best approach to carry out the complex process smoothly. So, stay tuned!

Everyone knows the tech giant Microsoft for its popular on-premise and Office 365 cloud services! Since 1996 Microsoft is developing on-premise exchange servers and launched Office 365 with the growing demand for remote working.

However, people are noticing the cost of staying on an on-prem server and deciding to move to the Office 365 platform.

And, moving from an Exchange server to a completely new environment like Office 365 requires proper planning and the right approach.

Hence, let’s understand different methods of migration for on-prem Exchange servers.

What Are the Five Different Ways You Can Use for Exchange to Office 365 Mailbox Migration?

Out of the five various approaches, four are manual migration method that is offered by Microsoft itself. And, the fifth method is an automated method recommended by hundreds of IT admins.

If you talk about manual methods then they are namely Cutover, Staged, IMAP, and Hybrid migration. However, Hybrid migration makes the mark as compared to the other native methods.

So, what is this hybrid migration? Well, it applies to all hybrid environments that consist of on-premise and Exchange Online(Office 365) deployed. If you ask me about its configuration then it is way more complex than Cutover and Staged migration.

Hence, professionals, these days are using the automated method i.e. they use the top-rated software Migrator Wizard Exchange Migration Tool for an effortless migration.

Why? Well, it has its unique way of working. Keep up with the article to find more about it.

Now, let’s have a look at how this software works in detail.

The User-friendly Solution That Fulfills Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Migration to Office 365 Needs

Since the native approaches offered by Microsoft are really complex and not suitable for non-tech personnel, this trustworthy software eases the work by breaking the whole task into chunks.

So, simply follow the below procedure to execute the Exchange migration to Office 365.

Step-1: Download the software from the given link and run it on your system.

Step-2: Then go to the Setup section. And, select the Source as Exchange and destination as Office 365 to migrate your data from the Exchange server to Office 365.


Step-3: Now, on the same screen you will find the ‘Workload section’. There, tick the square field against the categories such as Email, Contact, and Calendar.


Step-4: You have an option to apply a ‘date filter’ to perform Microsoft Exchange hybrid migration to Office 365. Just click on the checkbox, select the date range, and the selected files from that timeline will be migrated.


Step-5: Now, move on to the ‘Source’ tab. There, enter all the necessary details such as Exchange Server Version, Admin email, Admin Password, Active Directory IP, Exchange Server IP correctly.


Step-6: After that, press the ‘Validate’ button to execute Exchange to Office 365 mailbox migration.


Step-7: You will see all the source permission turn green. 

Then, Click on the ‘Next’ button.


Step-8: Now, Move to the ‘Destination’ tab. And, enter the Destination Office 365 Admin email and Application ID in the respective areas to carry out Microsoft Exchange hybrid migration to Office 365

Then, click on the Validate button. And, Once all the destination permissions turn green click the ‘Next’ button.


Step-9: After that, you have to specify the users to be migrated from the source account. To do so, you can choose among the three available options: ‘Fetch Users’, ‘Import Users’, ‘Download Template’


Step-10: After fetching the Source and Destination users, you will them on the ‘Users’ tab as shown below. 

Now, you simply click on the ‘Validate’ button to verify the Source and Destination permissions for the last time and perform Microsoft Exchange hybrid migration to Office 365.


Step-11: Once you see all the necessary parameters turn green, you can proceed with the migration process by clicking on ‘Start Migration’.


As you can tell by looking at the steps that this method is suitable for any user who wants to migrate from Exchange to Office 365.

Now, let’s put light on the other benefits you can get from this tool when you execute Exchange to Office 365 mailbox migration.

Why Opt for The Software?

Sometimes, many users want to migrate in batches and the tool makes it possible for them to migrate multiple Exchange user accounts at the same time. 

Also, for whatever reason, some items fail to make it to the destination. Then, you can solve the issue by using the ‘Re-run Migration’ option. Therefore, makes the Exchange to Office 365 mailbox migration simpler and easier.

Further, there is no risk of losing your valuable data as it maintains data integrity throughout the migration process. And, many more. 

Also, if you are looking for a solution to migrate MS Teams data as well then use Migrator Wizard Microsoft Teams Migration Tool.

Wrapping Up All Together

Technology is changing day by day and so does the preference of organizations. And, the increasing rate of Office 365 users shows that people are understanding the limitations of Exchange servers.

Moreover, they are looking for the best way to perform Microsoft Exchange hybrid migration to Office 365. Hence, in this article, we have discussed the reliable method through which you can accomplish the task of migration easily.

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