MOT Testing: Its History And Significance


.It might not seem that important but having transport authority’s permission to be on-road is a must. There is no way of avoiding this as it is made legally necessary by the Government. Driving without this permission can cost you heavily and go behind the bars is also possible. So, it is better to take precautions than get into unnecessary trouble. Let us discuss the MOT rules and what makes them so much important for every vehicle owner.

MOT & History

If you are an automobile owner of any kind then it is definitely a relevant and valid question to ask. In the UK, it is a legal requirement for an auto owner to have a proper MOT Newbury certificate. Which acts as a permit to be on the road. But knowing all the details of this MOT test shall help you to understand and take it timely.

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and it is a basic roadworthy test. That is carried out in the United Kingdom for ensuring maximum safety of the roads. Decades before the test was started. The number of road accidents was more and also mostly the cause would be negligence of the car health. This led to the initiative of the government to start a national autotest. That would check the condition of the motor thoroughly to arrest the movement of ill-maintained cars.

MOT Rules

Proper awareness regarding the test and the rules of it should be known to every car or any other motor owner. This test is carried out by the DVSA and they are the only ones in charge of distributing the MOT pass certificate. The rules of MOT makes it clear that possessing a valid pass certificate is mandatory for driving on UK roads. But passing it needs some attention and concern on the part of the owner. While it is very easy to pass it for a well-maintained vehicle. It is equally difficult to crack for the motors that hardly visit the garage.

MOT is an annual test which means once you pass it your certificate shall be valid for the whole year. Till the same date in the next year. The design of the certificate is such that you won’t have any problem understanding it and all the necessary details are carefully provided for perusal. In fact, if your car is suspected to have any minor issue that could be a problem in future and also a problem to pass the test next time. It is mentioned in the certificate itself as advisory.

Eligibility Criteria

Although every vehicle needs an MOT certificate to be on the road. Still your car can be exempted if it is less than three years from the date of registration or above 40 years. The other criterion for taking the test is that your vehicle should belong to the UK as the MOT has no importance in any other place beyond the borders of the UK.

How to Pass?

This is a common question that an auto owner shall have in mind when learning about it for the first time. The easy answer is to care for your automobile and never neglect an issue with it. MOT examiners are quite strict about every little detail of the motor and the slightest of problems can become the reason for failing the test. It can be your cracked mirror or improper wheel alignment Newbury if not your major vehicle parts that your car fails it. So, regular servicing of your car is a must and constant checking and daily observation are also helpful. When it comes to avoiding any major auto issue as often it can be solved better at an early stage.

But sometimes after a lot of caution vehicles fail the test, for such situations you need to be ready to deal with it. In such cases, you are usually informed about the problem so that you can fix it and take the retest. The time period for a retest is 10 days after the first round and you won’t be charged anything for that. If you can manage to get your car repaired within that time and take the retest. Then passing will not be a problem anymore.

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