My family is first. Insurance to protect them

Of course your family comes first and of course you feel the need to protect them. That is why you have to think about family insurance to gain a lot of peace of mind.

In this post we are going to make a list of those that will most interest you so that all members of your family are protected.

Forming a family is one of the most important decisions of your life and there are many things to take into account so that everyone is safe. That is why it is important to have family insurance adapted to your needs.

It is important that when hiring insurance you allow yourself to be advised by your insurance broker. Each family is different and each one of them will require certain coverage. Your insurance mediator will know how to give you the right solution at all times.


Within family insurance we believe that you cannot miss the following:


Home insurance can not be missing at any time. Your home, which is the most important place for the family, will be covered with it.

With home insurance you can face all kinds of unforeseen events . Statistics show that water damage and electrical damage are the most common in a home.

Your insurance can give you a hand in case you have to deal with unforeseen works due to these claims. And they can even give you legal advice in the event that a neighbor causes water damage and does not want to take care of them or does not have a policy.

Aesthetic damage, replacement of locks, credit cards, appliance repair, computer assistance, travel assistance to people … and a host of other coverages so that you gain peace of mind.

They can even cover the mischief your children may commit.

Home insurance has many other advantages. For example, it protects you in case of theft outside the home.

Among family insurance, this is one of the most penetrated among the Spanish population. According to figures provided by Unespa, three out of every four families have home insurance.


Another insurance that enjoys a great penetration in Spanish society is death insurance.

The truth is that it is of great help in one of the most difficult moments for a family, such as the loss of a loved one.

Because, not only does it take care of facing all the expenses that a funeral causes, but the insurance specialists are in charge of each and every one of the bureaucratic procedures that are required after a death.

This is one of the things that families who have contracted funeral insurance most value. Not having to face each and every one of the procedures that are required in very painful moments.


In which family is there not an athlete? Sport is a healthy practice that we should all practice, but safe. Because no one is exempt from an accident.

For this reason, it is very interesting if you have athletic children – or you practice sport yourself – that you take out insurance for athletes with coverage for accidents, death or permanent disability, medical assistance, search and rescue, loss of sports equipment or theft of the bicycle. away from home, among many others.

Each of us is fond of a certain sport and that is why you will need specific insurance for that sport . We insist that you get in touch with your insurance broker, because he will find for you the coverage you need.

It is not the same for someone who bicycles and needs to insure it, than for those who are fond of adventure sports and who do not hesitate to travel to other geographical areas to seek new experiences.


People’s mobility habits are changing. This change has accelerated as a result of the outbreak of the pandemic.

Personal mobility vehicles are being imposed as a formula to avoid contagion in public transport. This has caused the sale of electric scooters and bicycles to skyrocket, especially among younger people.

So it does not hurt to hire scooter insurance for your family that includes liability coverage for damages caused to third parties, so that you are much more relaxed in the event of an accident.


Of course, car insurance could not be missing from our list of family insurance.

It is a compulsory civil liability insurance for damage to third parties, but it has a wide range of contracting modalities, as well as very interesting coverage for the safety of families.

Among these coverages, one of the most interesting is that of roadside assistance . Imagine that you go on vacation with your family and you have a breakdown. Then what do we do?

Insurance is the solution. Just by calling by phone you will have at your disposal a tow truck, a replacement car in case it cannot be solved on site or the transfer of the whole family to the destination. All this depending on the coverage you have chosen.

In this post we have done a little review of the insurance for families that may interest you the most. Because protecting them is something that you should always keep in mind and your insurance company can help you out. Let yourself be advised by your insurance broker.

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