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Fashion is a lens that makes you look through it, at what’s going on in the fashion industry. Clothes were invented as soon as life started on earth. Starting to cover themselves with leaves, raw pieces of fabrics, and so on. We have all seen the history, of how the idea of Clothing started. Having a look at the past, then recreating, and reframing apparel to look better. This industry is changing as fast as the revolution of the sun. And to maintain that pace, new ideas are needed, and the base concept is what happened in the past. All thanks to social media and all the latest technology as everyone is having access to change across the world.   

It’s fascinating how every time something new is being created. A kind of newness is there, earlier leaves were worn as they were not having a fabric. But that same leaf is now a part of fashion, a whole dress is structured to wear on a ramp walk. Wires which are commonly used for mechanical purposes, and jute used for carrying goods are all part of it. Many such scrap items are there being transformed.  

A reality check

Models on runways are carrying attires with confidence in front of the public. But somewhere or the other, these attires may not be a perfect fit for daily use. But don’t get disappointed, they are the key to a new thought. They give rise to making clothes out of fabrics that are organic and protect against the wasting of it. For an instance, wires are used in attires like sleeveless dresses or blouses. Likewise, fishnets give a chic look when worn under a short dress, and many more such things. Pearls which were a part of the sea were taken out first to make a part of the jewel and later on entered the fashion industry, beautifying every clothing.        

Stars of Scrap 

Brands like Paneros and Broken Ghost Clothing and many other such brands make their clothes from unwanted pieces from thrift stores. Unique, eco-friendly, and cobbled nature. In this, very less fabric is a scrap rather than any other. Earlier all this leftover fabric was gone to the trash. Along with clothing, small items like scrunchies, headbands, patchwork jackets, and many such things are now being created out of it. 

All these things are giving a new pathway to fashion. Additionally, everyone is having their signature mark on their clothing. People now wear everything matching from head-to-toe, with accessorize made out of cloth. Hence, making their look unique. 

fashionable fabric

Stop being gender biased

Clothes tell a lot about your personality. Earlier everyone was not as acceptable as they are now for LGBTQIA+. There were many challenges in their lives, and along with that, a huge question was put up, about their dressing sense. They preferred wearing bold clothing to protest against gender biases. Fish nets, smokey eyes, bold lip shades, and heavy accessorize all were a part of them. Almost everyone criticized them for dressing up like this. 

From being ignored now coming to the limelight, a different set of clothing is being created for them. Along with them, everyone got a huge benefit, its style, and no definition of any gender. Masculine and Feminine clothes are worn interchangeably. Like, these days women prefer suits, jackets with gowns, etc. And many males are also spotted wearing long skirts with jackets, saree, etc. 

Society used to divide colors based on gender, but now even neon pink also suits men pretty well. On the other hand, all the subtle shades look equally beautiful on women. Not on people belonging to this community wear mismatched clothing, but it has now become a fashion trend and everyone is breaking their boundaries to go bold and beautiful.      

Working with the patches

An art of sewing together different patches of fabric into one to make a pattern. These days patchwork dresses, skirts, wall decors, coats, blazers, scarves, jeans, and many more things are made. It is giving a new meaning to mixing different flavors of art in one piece. 

Patchwork has not gone out of style, ASAP Rocky the famous rapper, was spotted wearing a quilt at the met gala last year. Depicting the love of her great-grandmother as it was her quilt. Eryakah Badu another famous singer wore a patchwork outfit and surprised the audience. 

We look up to the met gala as new fashion trends generally start after this. Every designer wants their celebs to look the best and be the sensation till next year. Designers find ways to bring something out of their old boxes. 

These examples are suggestions for making patterns as of quilt, as it consists of various colors depicting various arenas of nature.   

Enter The Creative World

For starters, sustainability, durability, and diversity in patterns are some of the most essential things that a person should consider. As to make any outfit you need all of them. An outfit is appreciated not just by its looks but also by the texture it reflects. Currently, the trend is also of customizing your clothes. But to have all of this it is not mandatory to buy only brands that sell these products. Small designers, influencers who are not so famous, are also creating something new. Nobody likes fabric going to waste. Give a brief about your ideas on how you want the final look of your outfit.        

To enter the new world of fashion with new ideas and creativity, you need to maintain quality, both for yourself and for your customers. 

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