Is It Possible to Memorize (Hifz) the Quran Without a Tutor?

The Quran, Allah’s actual word, is a blessing for mankind. online quran academy Muslims who memories verses and recite them in every Salah have every word of the Quran in their hearts. It is our divine duty to memories a portion of the Quran. As a result, we’re writing this post to help our brothers learn the Quran by heart. You can learn the Quran online. However, if you put in the effort, you can do it all by yourself.

In this post, we will demonstrate how to memories the online quran academy with accuracy. We will also provide you with tried-and-true methods for memorizing the Quran. As a result, you must continue reading. It will benefit you in both worlds.

Methods for Memorizing the Quran (memorize Quran Online)

There are two methods for memorizing the Quran, which are described below

  • Memorizing the Quran with the assistance of a tutor
  • Memorizing the Quran entirely on your own


You can also enroll in Quran classes from reputable institutes.

Memorizing the Quran with the assistance of a tutor

This is the most popular and effective method for memorizing the online quran academy. You must enroll in a Quran school where a Hafiz will guide you through the learning process. The traditional Hifz course includes the following.

You must memories the given verses and then recite them in front of your tutor. If your recitation is flawless, you will be given new verses to memories. If you made mistakes in the previous Sabaq, you must redo it. Let’s get into the specifics of your routine.

Sabaq Daily

Your respected tutor will assign some verses for you to memorise. He will read the verses aloud to you. You must also learn the correct pronunciation, which is known as Talafuz. When you can correctly pronounce the verses, your next task will be to memorise them. A tutor will always begin your daily Sabaq with the 30th chapter of the Quran, which is also the Quran’s final chapter. It contains Suras with fewer verses. That is why they are simple to remember. In less than a month, students can effectively memories the 30th chapter.

After you have memorized the 30th chapter, you will move on to the 29th chapter. Following that, you will begin the 28th chapter.

After memorizing the 27th chapter, you will begin with the first. This is the tried-and-true method for memorizing the Quran with the assistance of a tutor.

Your tutor will also provide Islamic education along with your Hifz, covering all of the fundamentals.


In front of your tutor, you will recite the previously memorized portion of the Quran. Sabqi is the name of this creature. And the Sabqi is your daily practise of repeating your memorized Quran passages. This keeps your memory sharp and prevents you from forgetting previous lessons.

online quran academy



Manzil is an essential component of your memorization sessions. When you have memorised a significant portion of the Quran, you are prone to forgetting it. That is why you must recite a portion of the Quran every day. It is not necessary for you to recite Manzil in front of your tutor. However, you must perform the Manzil every day. If you do Manzil on a daily basis, you will never forget the Quran. Every Hafiz sets a daily goal to recite Manila, a lifelong practice for all Huffaz.

Memorizing the Quran on your own

If you are overworked, you may not have time for tutoring sessions. In that case, you can still memorise the Quran on your own. It is possible, and many people have done it with minimal effort. However, you must exercise self-control. The following are some helpful hints for any learner.

Obtain an early start in the morning.

You must rise before dawn and perform Salah. Following that, you must devote time to memorizing the Quran. The best time to memories is in the morning. You must set a daily goal of verses and gradually increase it. If you devote 30 minutes one day, you must devote 35 minutes the next.

Set attainable objectives.

You must set a daily verse goal. It must also be realistic. You must stay focused on your goal and memories the verses. Set a goal that is not attainable. It will make you feel unmotivated. And after a few days, you’ll give up on memorizing because you believe it’s impossible.

Use the technique of familiarity.


To familiarize yourself with the verses, write them down on paper. Following that, you must recite them aloud. You can memories difficult verses with a few repetitions.

Recite the verses you’ve already memorized (memorize Quran Online)

Repetition is the key to error-free memorization. By reciting verses over and over, you can thoroughly memories them. Every day, you must recite the verses from the previous day and the verses from the day before. Your mind-muscle will become stronger as a result, and you will be able to memories more accurately.

In every Salah, recite your memorized verses.

Every Salah, you can recite your memorized verses. It will provide you with practice as well as control over your memory. With each Salah, you will gain confidence and your memorization strategy will improve over time.

Keep track of your objectives.

You must keep track of your objectives. You can do this by keeping a notebook in which you record the number of verses you read each day. After some time, you’ll be able to see a clear picture of your progress.

Memorize in a distraction-free setting

A distraction-free environment is essential for good memorization. As a result, you must learn the verses in silence. If you do not have one, you are welcome to use the Mosque at any time.

Examine your memory as many times as you can

You should go over your memorized verses as many times as possible. The more you revise, the more you will understand. There is no other way to memories the Learn Quran with Tajweed Online other than to review it. Every Hufaz reads a significant portion of the Quran on a daily basis. As a result, you must make it a habit.


We’ve discussed the two methods for memorizing the Quran. You can now select either option based on your needs. Have a wonderful day.

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