Online Vs Offline Yoga Training – A Detailed Comparison

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world, enrolling in a regular yoga class has not been that easy. This has led to the rise of many online yoga classes which help you learn this sacred art right from the comfort of your home.

However, the question that comes to mind is – Can online classes really help you learn something that is centuries old and deeply rooted in human history? Can online yoga classes help you become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)?

The answer is a bit confusing and this had led to the start of an online vs offline RYT certification debate.

If you are confused about enrolling in an online or offline RYT program, the information below is for you.

Major Differences Between Offline and Online RYT Programs

Yoga experts have come up with 5 key differences between offline and online RYT certification programs.

1. Teaching Methodology

As the name suggests, earning an RYT certification via an online yoga class is done through pre-recorded lectures, visual and audio content. On the other hand, the offline yoga lessons provide you a chance to learn yoga through face-to-face interactions, and on-the-spot doubt clearing sessions.

Moreover, offline yoga classes have a yoga instructor to provide you assistance should you make a mistake during any yoga asana. The level of motivation and support you get during the offline yoga session is much more than an online class.

2. Level of Convenience

Doing yoga is a personal activity and you should not have to rely on someone besides an expert yoga practitioner. However, having a yoga teacher around you to guide and support you is highly important especially when you want to become a certified yoga teacher.

Unfortunately, the online world has too much conflicting information which makes it hard to find the right yoga class. However, this is taken care of at the offline yoga school where you are guided by yoga experts having years of experience. This keeps you away from injuries which is not possible with the online yoga training.

3. Availability

If you are serious about earning the RYT certification understand that online yoga classes can be taken anytime and anyplace. However, it does not ensure you would find the best place to dive deeper into the various aspects of yoga.

On the other hand, when you enroll in an offline yoga class, you have certified yoga experts and a place dedicated to nothing but yoga practice. Moreover, you are safe as you practice yoga under the supervision of yoga experts with complete knowledge of this sacred art.

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4. Hands-On Experience

To become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) is not just about having knowledge of yoga philosophy and asanas. You also need to demonstrate the ability to put all that knowledge into practical sessions of yoga teaching.

Unfortunately, online yoga training does not give you enough time or space to learn and showcase your ability to teach yoga.

Therefore, this is where you should enroll in an offline yoga class as it offers you the best way to learn theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. Moreover, you have the opportunity to enroll for extra yoga sessions if you miss out a bit.

5. Level of Effectiveness

Enrolling in RYT certification means you are ready for an in-depth and long-lasting career in yoga teaching.

With that said, the online yoga classes might be easily available, but it is equally easier for you to forget so much information especially when you have not put it to practice.

On the other hand, when you acquire this knowledge with other yogis, you learn to retain it through practice and by forming memories. In other words, you go through all the theoretical knowledge with in-depth practice of the same. Keep in mind that experience does play a vital role when you want to take up yoga teaching as a career.

Therefore, these are the major differences when it comes to choosing between online and offline yoga teacher training program. However, if you are serious about taking up the mantle of a yoga teacher then always choose the offline yoga training.


Both offline and online yoga teacher training programs have their weak and strong points. However, if you want to earn the RYT certification you should definitely stick with an offline yoga school.

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