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Opening a barber shop is a bold step in the career of every hairdresser. Although it involves a lot of formalities, don’t lose your head. A meticulous action plan is most important, and everything should go smoothly. Learn how to start a barber shop – here are 7 rules to keep in mind when starting your own business!

Barber shop – opening to a new world of business!

If you’ve worked as a stylist in a barber shop for years and you think it’s time to work under your brand, remember – a completely new reality awaits you. Before you leave your current workplace and start your salon, looking at your current boss’s good practices is a good idea.

Opening your hairstyle studio is associated with greater freedom, decision-making, and great responsibility. However, do not let yourself be broken under the pressure of additional obligations waiting for you. Having your salon can give you much higher earnings and, above all, much greater job satisfaction.

Opening a barber shop – rules worth remembering!

A business plan is essential

The meta-rule before starting your own business, whether you are going to open a hair salon or a restaurant, is to make a good business plan. It should contain all the elements that we will mention below.

Any good business plan will help you estimate the cost of opening a hair salon. However, if your assumptions exceed your financial capabilities, it is worth considering a bank loan or selecting a partner for the company.

Do not close your eyes to the dangers when building a barber shop business plan. At the planning stage, it is worth conducting a business SWOT analysis (determining strengths and weaknesses that will help you see opportunities and threats for the barber shop you are building).

Services or a chance for distinction

Before looking for a location, it’s worth determining what you are good at and what services you want. For example, will it be just a haircut, only women’s haircuts, only men’s haircuts, or a haircut with coloring?

What services you will provide will also help you see how many employees you will need for the salon to work efficiently and professionally.

Location matters – bigger than you think

A barber shop is primarily a local business. Therefore, finding a good location is a big step toward success. Consider whether you want to be a hairdresser from the city center or prefer to locate your business on the outskirts and target your services to your neighbors.

Before choosing a place, check if there is direct competition in the area. For example, other service salons, such as SPA or nail bars, can be a good neighborhood. Also, think about parking.

Establishing a business

When you choose the location and your vision starts to take more and more real shape, it’s time for formalities. But don’t let them keep you awake at night! Instead, consider that every entrepreneur has had to go through the same.

For starters, it is important to identify the type of business you want to run. For example, will it be a sole proprietorship or maybe you want to create a civil partnership with your partner? Importantly, the barber shop cannot run the so-called partner company.

If tax regulations and running a business from the HR point of view are too much for you, you can always use the services of an experienced accountant. Repeatedly paying a specialist several hundred zlotys a month for conducting your affairs and settlements with the tax office can save you a lot of time and, as a consequence, money – the accountant will efficiently use the maze of regulations and will tell you which discounts you can take advantage of, and will certainly help you more than once avoid penalties for oversight.

For having more information about this visit business plan consultant.

The concept of the interior and equipment

A barber shop is where aesthetics and cleanliness play an extremely important role. Therefore, when planning a budget for opening a barber shop, consider the expenses for renovation and interior design. It is not only about adapting the room to sanitary requirements, which we will talk about in a moment, but most of all about providing a perfect working atmosphere and creating a space where the client will feel comfortable and luxurious. When arranging the interior, think about your target group: do you want to create a modern, urban space attracting young, brave customers, or maybe you will choose a classic, boutique elegance in which ladies 50+ will find themselves?

It is also extremely important to equip a barber shop with professional equipment, as well as provide it with care products. Consider choosing a strategic partner and bet on one brand of care cosmetics – in such situations, sales representatives can offer you better product prices.

It’s not worth saving money on furnishing a salon – after all, these are your everyday work tools. Therefore, allocating an appropriate part of the budget for this in your business plan is worth allocating.

Sanitary requirements

The barber shop must also meet sanitary requirements. Remember that the premises should have separate rooms:

  • to provide services,
  • cloakroom and waiting room,
  • sanitary and epidemiological room for clients,
  • a room for storing hairdressing preparations, clean and dirty linen,
  • a place for containers where waste is collected.

And while it sounds complicated, it is not so.

Efficient marketing

You know, more or less how to start a barber shop. Now it’s time for everyone to find out! Already at the stage of planning a barber shop, think about how you want to talk about your business to the world.

Advertising on the Internet is a power today. So set up a company on Google Firma, mark your location on Google maps, set up accounts on social media (Facebook, Instagram – we wrote about running a professional profile on this platform here – and on Pinterest) and create interesting content. Encourage your customers to leave positive feedback on the web – it builds your brand and image. Also, allocate the budget for paid promotion on Facebook and Google.

Also, organize a grand opening of a barber shop! Invite your friends and their friends to them, organize hairstyling shows and offer a promotion for clients.

It is worth considering a loyalty program to build a base of regular customers (e.g., every 10th men’s haircut for free or a 10% discount for regular customers).

A good booking system will also help you run your business. Such software also often has customer cards that will help you handle them. Your inventory will also be visible in the system, facilitating logistic business management.

How to open a barber shop? With an idea!

Opening your barber shop is a bold and bold step into the future. But don’t be afraid to do it! Although the number of formalities and new responsibilities that will now rest on your shoulders may scare you, remember that it is worth it. The key to your business will be a well-thought-out business plan. Also, do not be afraid to ask for advice from more experienced specialists.

  • Often the most important thing in a new business is the idea: promotion, services, location, and interior. Don’t be afraid to implement it! After all, the world belongs to the brave.

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