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Pay Per Click or Organic SEO?

If you are interested in expanding your business, one of the biggest marketing techniques to consider is your online presence with organic SEO or pay per click. When it comes to today’s customer, the vast majority of people are finding new businesses, services, and products online. In fact, over 50% of all customers start their search for a product or service with the search engines. This even goes for products that they are familiar with. With today’s technology and speed, customers are looking for more and more ways to get the best products at the best prices. If you aren’t utilizing your online presence in order to get new customers, then you are definitely not reaching the potential of your business.

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There are two major ways to market your company online: organic search engine optimization and paid ads. With paid ads, you have a lot of variety, including Google Adwords, Facebook ads, banner ads, and more. You might choose to advertise specifically on one website, or you might choose to market to the internet searchers. Obviously, the best way to reach an audience is to target the customers who are actively seeking a product. This will product the most conversions, which will mean more money in your pocket. Ultimately, the two ways to reach these potential customers are through organic SEO and Google Ads.

With Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks, you don’t spend anything. This might sound like a great and cost effective way to advertise. You will only pay when interested customers look at your site. However, even with Google Ads, the average lead conversion is less than 1%. That means that only 1% of the customers clicking on your links will end up buying your product. This will vary a bit depending on your market and how good your website is, but let’s use the law of averages in order to make up our mind. Imagine this scenario: you are running an SEO company and you are interested in landing new SEO clients. You advertise your website through Google Ads using keywords that generate nearly 10,000 weekly searches. A good click-through-rate (CTR) is about 2%, which means that only about 200 of those searchers will actually click on your ads. Given the fact that your ad costs $20 per click, you are suddenly out $2000 in a week (of course, with Adwords, you get to choose how much you spend each day). For 200 leads, you spent $2000. If you are average, you will get two sales from that per week, which means eight per month. If you sell your services for $500 per month, then you have brought in $4000 for $8000 worth of ads. Not very efficient spending, right?

Now let’s look at organic SEO. If you get your page ranked organically for a term like San Diego SEO, then every searcher who looks for those keywords will always see you near the top (not just when it is your ad’s turn). This means that you are going to expose your site to a lot more searchers. Add in the fact that more searchers click on the organic results than the ads, and you have a lot more exposure. More exposure results in more leads, and of course more leads means more sales. Obviously, organic SEO trumps the Google ads in the long run. Of course, the one caveat is that you actually have to get these rankings first. This takes a lot of hard work. Hiring a good SEO company will cost between $500 and $2000 per month for the average SEO client. If you have a bigger product or service, expect to pay even more each month. With SEO, you won’t see immediate results like you might with Adwords. Of course, Adwords also takes a lot of commitment and know-how. You will probably either have to hire someone or spent a lot of your day running the Ad campaign. Wouldn’t you rather be running your business?

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