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The majority of people who use Health Bookme undergo therapies for the first time. Utilizing only therapy online as a point of reference, they cannot make comparisons between in-person therapy and online. However, this fact shows that online therapy eliminates obstacles such as the high price and inconvenience, which discourage clients from seeking professional support for mental health issues.

But, many users have years of experience in the office of a therapist. Some commuted for weekly therapy sessions for years before moving towards online therapies. Some have continued to receive therapy in-person and utilized Health Bookme for free.

To show what it’s difficult to understand the distinctions between online and in-person therapy. We surveyed our clients who had shared their experiences using both.

Traditional therapy can feel like an escape from the world.

When clients walk into a therapist’s office, they separate from everyone else. And their daily obligations remain at the back of their waiting rooms. The traditional therapy sessions provide an environment where there is an only conversation regarding crucial mental health issues. The experience could be an escape from the stress of life and relationships.

“I was looking forward to getting away,” said Ricardo Ricardo, a Health Bookme client, about his weekly therapy sessions at the office.

Online therapy is not likely to provide this sense of detachment as one of its significant benefits is the capability to communicate with the therapist at any time and from any place. Most clients on Health Book me contact their therapists via text in the working environment or at home when they’re on the go. The cost of this tranquil getaway is instant access.

In-Person Therapy Can Provide More Accountability and Interventions

Others of our clients said they find it more accessible for their therapists to hold them accountable when they can always read their bodies. A client said she often prefers therapy in person due to this advantage.

The ability to receive care in a clinic can be crucial for people who suffer from conditions that are difficult to treat using online therapy on its own, like extreme post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSDand post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]. Renee, Another Health Bookme client, is dependent on in-person intervention such as eye movement desensitization. And Reprocessing therapy EMDR to treat her PTSD. In-person interactions are particularly beneficial, Renee said. When she is struggling to stop ” dissociating” (mentally getting out of a particular situation).

“I tend to analyze every aspect of my life, and can do more often when I’m online and texting, as opposed to being with someone else in a room.” Renee said. “I require a physically present.”

Switching to Online Therapy to Save Money and Time

However, the advantages that traditional therapy offers an in-person therapy are not without cost. Particularly the time it takes to travel and the high cost of an appointment. 

Ricardo and Ashley, another of our patients, have moved from in-person therapy to online therapy to cut costs and save time.

“I needed to purchase the $20 round-trip train ticket to the city. Travel for an hour to make it to the appointment I had scheduled,” Ashley said. “It turned me off having to go for therapy.”

The therapist charged her $75 for every 45-minute session. So the total amount was $95 and a little over three hours. Therapy via text is a way for Ashley to become more efficient and put more of her earnings into the savings account.

Using Online Therapy to More Easily Find a Better Match

It can be challenging for those who do not reside in cities with large populations of diverse people to locate an in-person. Therapist who can understand their sexual orientation, culture nd mental health issues. Both in his hometown and at the college level. Justin struggled to find an individual who seemed to be the right fit.

I have tried Health Book me because I was impressed with the possibility of choosing an area of expertise, such as LGBT therapy or directly working with someone who works with people suffering from anxiety.” Justin said.

Online therapy provides immediate access to hundreds of profiles of therapists. And clients do not have to limit their searches on distance. This variety of options allows you to find a therapist specializing in working with minorities or treating specific diseases.

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