5 Benefits of Pie Boxes that will Insist your Customers Buy Them


With November just around the corner, it is almost thanksgiving season. And with that, there is an increase in the sales of several food items. Pies are one of them. Pies are sold, bake, devour, and love worldwide by every person. Whether it is apple pie that you see or pumping pie in this fall season, they are all love thoroughly.

There are several businesses scatter across the world where people bake homemade pies and sell them to their customers. Home-based businesses are always looking to give their customers the best services and to make sure their food products are hygienic and up to the mark of what their customers are looking for. It is very likely that customers are going to come back and buy the product again if they feel they are being taken care-off.

So, whether it is a pie business that you own and need to get more exposure, or that you manufacture and design pie boxes, you need pie boxes. Just like every other marketing product in the world, pies need to be package inside their boxes too. The purpose of packaging boxes is many. Let’s take a look at what these benefits are that lures people in towards different businesses and make them stray away from some others.

Benefits Of Having Good Packaging Box

There are countless benefits of a packaging box. Especially if it is one use to packaging pies. The purpose of a packaging box is to provide protection to the items inside and to represent and promote your brand or company in every way possible. These are the base factors that make the use of packaging boxes so vital for a business. Now think about a home-base business, especially that of food dishes or bake goods.

These products require utmost protection. Whether you are protecting them from getting ruin or squash or are worry about contamination of dust particles and other substances, a box tends to protect them. And that is how you are going to promote your custom pie boxes. Once you start taking orders from these home-base businesses, you can show them all the benefits they can get once they order their boxes from you and no other packaging vendor. You will have to advertise your boxes and brand properly so that your customers are completely satisfy before buying boxes from you.

5 Tips To Make Your Pie Boxes Bulk Appealing

It is a known fact that packaging is as much a part of a business as the products are. And this holds even more true when it comes to the food business. People love to see their products, especially food, being deliver in boxes that are clean, hygienic, of good quality, and have some spice to them. You cannot expect to serve your food in a bland simple box and expect your customers to like it and come back for more. This is why you need to spice things up a little more and here are 5 ways in which you can design your boxes specifically to get attention from pie sellers so they buy your boxes:

·         Good Quality

Make sure that your customers know the benefits of your boxes. Create boxes out of packaging material and type that is known to be of good quality. Not only that, if you choose an eco-friendly material for the creation of your boxes, your customers will tend to appreciate them even more. You can advertise your boxes and their material as environmentally friendly to gain attention from more customers who care about such things. Good quality material is the first step to getting attention from customers. If the boxes are good, they will do the job they are require to do and that is exactly what your customer’s need from you.

·         Customize Your Boxes

Customize your boxes. Let your customers know that you have all the services they might need from you. Home-base businesses are not famous and hence need their representation and marketing. If you show your customers that you can customize their company logo and brand onto these pie packaging supplies, they will most definitely pay more attention to your brand.

·         Elegant Packaging

Create boxes that are convenient and elegant. Customize shapes and sizes of boxes accordingly with the different types of pies that are being sold. Be open to requests from customers about different and unique shapes and sizes. Chances are, they are looking for a brand of boxes that will provide them with the exact boxes that they need and you can give it to them. This way not only they will buy from you but your company will eventually gain more attention. You can create pie boxes with windows so that the pies can be seen even outside of the box.

·         Protective Packaging

Making your pie containers look appealing and different with printing styles, designs, illustrations, and colors is sure to get their eyes on your boxes. Get as creative with the designing of these boxes as you can! Make your pie box wholesale look as protective as ever. This way customers will know that their pies will be safe inside your boxes, lock away until it is time to take it out, cut it and enjoy the pie.

·         Brand Promotion 

And if you are having trouble getting through to the audience, you need to start advertising your product. Whether it is through the use of social media, or by sending your boxes to your nearest pie businesses for them to test them out, you need to do it. It only takes one person to notice the good in your brand and after that, the number of customers starts increasing. Make sure you are creating boxes that are nothing but made of top-quality material and elegant. A pie packaging box that is performing all of its jobs such as keeping the pie protected and safe inside it, representing the brand and company it is from, listing the ingredients, identifying the product, and playing the part of the attraction, your boxes will be deemed the best!

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