Precautions you need driving lincense to take no matter how great a driver you are

Helpful Precautions You Need Even If You Are A Great Driver 

Driving is a skill that looks to be very easy but it takes your senses to be very active. Just one error makes you end up with an accident. There is no way back once you start driving on the road. Acquiring a driving license in Punjab requires complete command of your driving skills. Even on the website of DLIMS, you can have information about rules and regulations of traffic rules plus a service of driving license verification.

Throughout the year, many accidents occur in every country just because of careless driving. A driving license holder must know about the basics of driving. There are some precautions that we can take to avoid any unwanted scenario. We will share some mandatory precautions to help you become a better and more responsible driver. To get a driving license in Punjab, you better look at these safety precautions.

Stay alert and focused. 

The most important thing about good driving is the focus. The more focused you are, the better you can respond. In most cases, accidents occur because of a lack of focus and attention. If you lose your attention, you lose the moment to react. Don’t forget the seatbelts.

Don’t evade traffic rules.

Traffic rules require to be followed. There is a reason why they were initiated. Maximum traffic accidents happen when a person breaks a traffic rule, the most common is the traffic signal rule. There are numerous traffic-rule guides available on the internet that you can use. You may lose your driving license in Punjab for frequent violations of rules.

Keep your vehicle maintained.

An old well-maintained vehicle is better than a problematic latest vehicle. None of us wants to get stuck with a malfunction in our automobile. It becomes a nightmare if your motor vehicle faces a mechanical fault in nowhere land. You can’t get help very soon.

Avoid driving when tired or heavy-eyed

Accidents occur more at night as compared to daytime. The first reason is lack of clear vision, the other one is drowsiness. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to drive after midnight. You better avoid driving at this time if you haven’t taken enough sleep in the daytime.

Indicator lights and mirrors help you.

Yes, Please use indicators 5 seconds before turning your automobile because it alerts the following vehicle to judge your move. Use wing mirrors and indicator lights before changing lanes and turning. Not just those wing mirrors, you need to use a rear-view mirror too. 

Stay away from heavy vehicles.

Do not drive near tanker trucks and heavy trailers. The reason is that they do not have enough view of the vehicles that are very close to them. You could get yourself into deep trouble, If you drive and get stuck near them.

It ends up with fatal accidents. Stay away from these massive vehicles as much as you can.

Avoid distractions like cell phones.

Cellphones play a vital role in your attention diversion while driving. People turn a blind eye to the main things while talking on the phone during a drive. Road accidents took around 36,000 lives in the Road accidents of Pakistan. It is a huge number! Teenagers use cell phones while driving to capture videos/pictures, which increases the chances of accidents. 

These were some mandatory precautions that you need as everyone’s life matters. DLIMS Punjab also focuses on the safeguard of the drivers with necessary measures. We have more helpful blogs at Jagah Online for your assistance, stay updated with them.
 You must be prepared for all the things on the road. If you have a further query or need similar useful blogs, please feel free to visit JagahOnline blogs.

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