Premature ejaculation and its treatment

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Treatment for premature ejaculation.

Sexuality is an integral part of one’s life that can affect their health mentally physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Every man is likely to face various kinds of challenges during their life. The most thrilling parts of the human body is the reproduction system for males. The body’s reproductive system must be taken seriously to ensure all is in order. Sometimes, however, men are faced with issues like premature Ejaculation.

This is a situation where the ejaculation occurs before a person wants it.

Premature Ejaculation does not resemble Erectile Dysfunction However, the majority of males experience Premature Ejaculation as well as Erectile Dysfunction.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation –

Both psychological and physical causes can be the reason for Premature Ejaculation.

If someone experiences PE it is common for them to believe that they are the only one with PE in the world. it.

This is the place where PE is able to develop its psychological component. Some people may get “broken” and believe that there’s something wrong with them.

The mental health problems that underlie premature Ejaculation;

  • Poor self-esteem
  • The history of sexual abuse and a low self-esteem
  • Guilt can also trigger premature ejaculation.

Other causes include:

  • There is a lot of concern about ejaculations.
  • Anxiety about a sexual experience
  • There are issues in the relationship currently
  • A lot of stress at work

Other medical conditions Related medical conditions

Erectile Dysfunction –

Men who aren’t certain whether they’ll be able to get an erection with coitus can suffer from PE

The stress of life and the excessive concentrations of hormones that are specific to you, like testosterone, may trigger symptoms of PE. The prostate is prone to inflammation. the urethra may also trigger symptoms, such as PE as well as ED.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation –

Certain people have periodic instances of PE. Other people experience occasional bouts PE for long periods of period of time. If you’re constantly experiencing PE or other PE symptoms, then you must to consult your doctor.

There are several categories of premature ejaculation

  • Lifelong
  • Acquired

Livelong PE The term means you’ve experienced this since the first sexual encounter.

Acute PE The condition indicates you’ve had longer ejaculations. However, later you experienced a PE condition.

Treatments –

If you’re experiencing frequent PE, speak with your physician. It is important to be proactive. A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to sexual relations, and if do not talk with your doctor about it, it may get worse.

First, you must see an urologist. Urologists are physicians. who specializes in the treatment of urinary tract and sexual function of males. They can also treat issues related to female reproductive organs.

In the majority of cases, premature Ejaculation can be treated by making some lifestyle adjustments, for example;

Make sure you have a sexy time before engaging in any sexual activities. This will make it possible to hold off the ejaculation and have a pleasant sexual experience.

It is also recommended to engage in a long period of foreplay with your partner to ensure you can release some steam. Do not focus on doing your best in your intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation

medication –

1) Sildenafil

The medication is utilized for treating sexual disorders as it does this by stimulating flow of blood towards the penis and aiding men get a firm erection. You can choose from Kamagra oral Jelly, Fildena 100, Cenforce 100, these pills are similar to Sildenafil.

How do you use this drug? How to use this drug

Then, you must read the information in the leaflet for the medication If you’re not sure of the information talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

It is recommended to consume this medication by mouth at least 30 minutes prior to taking part in any sexual activities.

Be sure to follow the dosage as directed by your doctor. Do not exceed one dose per day. Because your doctor has prescribed the dosage after examining your medical history. If you alter the dosage without consulting your physician there is a chance that you will experience worse adverse consequences.

Additionally, prior to you take the medication, make sure you inform your physician about any prescription or nonprescription or nonprescription medication you’re taking.

Before using this product ensure that you inform your physician if you’re sensitive to one of the components. Also, inform your doctor whether you suffer from any other allergies, including food dyes, preservatives and dyes or animals. For products that are not prescription-only, you must look over the label or contents attentively.

It is possible to be dizzy or experience blurred vision after taking this medication. Avoid driving, using machines or do anything that requires clarity of vision until you have adjusted to the drug. Beware of drinking alcohol.

2) Dapoxetine

The drug is classified as a selective serotonin inhibitor that is short-acting. In particular, it can be used for treating premature ejaculation. Super P Force is an e-medicine that is a mixture with 100 milligrams Sildenafil in combination with 60 mg Dapoxetine.

Take care when taking this medication. Precautions prior to taking this medication

Avoid drinking alcohol or drink alcoholic beverages when taking this medicine because of the higher risk of serious adverse reactions like dizziness, drowsiness impaired thinking, loss of consciousness.

It is well-known that this can interact with other medicines, as well as herbal supplements. If you’re taking other medications and herbal products, speak to your doctor about it.

This drug is not suggeste for healthy men So, make sure to consult your doctor prior to you begin taking this drug.

Final verdict Final verdict

Are you feeling stressed? It’s not a good sign. Stress can have a variety of negative consequences for your health and in particular, you’re likely to suffer from premature ejaculation.

Discuss with your doctor and then take the medication according to your doctor’s instructions you’ll see results quickly. Read more 

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