QuickBooks Error OL 222 – Read this shortlisted guide to fix issue

QuickBooks Error OL 222

When attempting to import a company file from a bank website or access a web content file utilising the banking facility, QuickBooks Error OL-222 appears. This problem prevents users from performing any banking-related tasks or even importing files; instead, a message stating “QuickBooks was unable to complete your request.” (OL-222) is displayed. The main reason for this error is the “.QBW” file’s illegible characters. Go through this blog to easily resolve QuickBooks Banking Error OL-222 if you’re experiencing it.

When users attempt to import a company file or access a web content file from the website of their financial institution, QuickBooks Error OL-222 occurs. As a result, QB disallows the action to be completed and displays the message “QB was not able to finish your request. (OL-222)”. Unreadable characters in the “.QBW” file are the cause of this. If you experience this QB desktop Error OL-222, read the solution-focused post and look at all potential fixes.

Causes of the QuickBooks error number OL-222 include

The OL-222 QuickBooks online banking mistake can be spread easily by the following factors.

1. This issue can be caused by characters in the “.QBW” file that are not supported.
2. An additional factor is a slow internet connection.
3. The software has technical issues due to the different formatting of the corporate file.
4. The name of the.QBO file is irrelevant or perhaps the same as your bank’s compliance.

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Here’s How to Correct the OL-222 Quickbooks Desktop Error

Consider the following solutions if you see that the QB is unable to authenticate the financial institution.

Solution 1: Download a fresh FIDIR.txt file

Importing the.qbo file is the best solution to fix QuickBooks Error Message OL-222.

1. Exit the QBD programme.
2. Copy all of the texts found in the FIDIR.txt file by opening it.
3. Paste the copied text into a new file that you put to your desktop for convenient access.
4. Remove the original/previous FIDIR.txt file.
5. Launch file explorer and navigate to the following location: ApplicationSupport/com.intuit.QuickBooks20XX/Downloads, where XX is the version number of QB.
6. Also eliminate or delete the FIDIR.txt file from this folder.
7. Next, double-click QuickBooks while holding down the CTRL key to launch it.
8. Select Show Package Contents from the context menu that appears.
9. Double-click the Resource folder before the Content folder.
10. Look for and remove this FIDIR.txt file as well.
11. Carefully copy and paste the freshly formed FIDIR.txt file into the Downloads & Resources folder.
12. At this point, try importing the file with the.QBW extension from the QuickBooks folder.
13. Lastly, you’ll notice that the OL-222 QuickBooks error number has been removed. Check out the following remedy if not.

Solution 2: If at all possible, run the QuickBooks updates

1. Log out of every operating business file and close the QBs as well.
2. Type “QuickBooks Desktop” into the Windows Start search box.
3. Right-click the icon for the QB programme and select Run as administrator.
4. Click the Help menu when you see the notice “No Company Open” on your screen.
5. Select the Options tab after finding and clicking the Update QB app option.
6. Verify that every box is checked, then click Save.
7. After choosing Update Now, select Reset Update.
8. To obtain all the most recent updates, click Get Updates at the conclusion of the procedure.

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A Simple Solution to QuickBooks Error OL-222

You can run into a problem known as QB Error OL-222 while attempting to access the firm file after importing from your current bank. This error suggests that the website for your bank is not providing QB with an appropriate response. It occurs because the file you imported has unintelligible characters.

Update QuickBooks to the most recent version

You can manually upgrade the QuickBooks desktop by following the instructions below:

1. Log out of QuickBooks desktop.

2. Choose the Windows Start button.

3. Locate the QuickBooks Desktop icon and perform a right-click.

4. Select the option to “Run as administrator.”

5. When the No Company Open page opens, select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.

6. Select the Options tab.

7.Click Save after selecting Mark All.

8. Select the Reset Update checkbox on the Update Now tab.

9. Select Get Updates to launch the download.

10. After the download is complete, reopen QuickBooks Desktop.

11. Select Yes to begin the installation.

12. Restart your computer. After completing the techniques mentioned above


We believe the QuickBooks Error OL 222 has been resolved at this point. It’s also likely that you’re still dealing with this error, in which case you should contact our technical specialists by dialling our QuickBooks Error Support toll-free number to get the issue properly fixed.

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