RAM Suitable for i7 4790K in 2021

Because of this, it is not an easy task to choose the finest RAM for the i7 4790k CPU. It will take a lot of time and effort to grasp the characteristics and find a solution capable of providing a complete answer.

Some of the greatest RAM for an i7 4790k CPU can be found in the models listed below. Select the best RAM for i7 4790k that fits your budget by reading the RAM descriptions below.

2400 MHz HyperX Beast 2400 from Kingston

Among IT enthusiasts, this brand has the same level of acclaim as the others. DDR3 technology and 16 GB of storage per kit make HyperX Beast RAM compatible with your CPU.

Your i7 4790k CPU may use DDR3 memory. The identical i7 4790k CPU was used to test the Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 RAM. Even when working on many high-power applications, it performs flawlessly.

You may expect high-quality performance from this RAM if you use a 3rd generation processor that falls in the i4 to i7 range with it. You may purchase this RAM in either a dual or quad configuration, depending on your needs.

We recommend this RAM because of its XMP certification. Intel stresses the importance of the XMP profile. I7 4790k CPUs with this feature are among the finest alternatives available.

You may also verify the RAM’s size compatibility with the aforesaid product. To do this, you’ll need to know the model number of your computer. There are several gadgets that can use this kind of RAM.

It is also equipped with DIMM technology, which ensures a solid connection to your motherboard. This RAM upgrade, like the one before, will almost quadruple the speed of your data transfer.

In addition to the gaming community, this is a terrific answer. Without any latency, you may play online games and broadcast simultaneously. During the testing of this RAM, our experts performed the same tasks. Multitasking hasn’t had an effect on the RAM’s performance.

It’s both beautiful inside and out. As a distinctive feature, this RAM includes a black heat spreader on the inside. However, on the outside, it’s a beautiful piece of art.

Aside from the lack of RGB lighting, the prior consumers have been damaged by this.

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RAM for i7 4790K: What to Look for

A compatible 3rd generation Intel CPU must be found in the best RAM for i7 4790k. As previously said, we’ve used the same approach. They all claimed to be the best choice for i7 series processors.

All of the above-mentioned goods have been thoroughly tested by our engineers and proven to be totally compatible. Our RAM list is certain to save you both time and effort. However, you may check out the following to ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

The Intel i7 4790K Processor

When you need to get the finest RAM for i7 4790k, you need to know about your CPU. With four cores and eight threads, it is the perfect choice for gamers. DDR3 technology also indicates that the above-mentioned choices of items are the greatest ones.

Many people are still purchasing this product, which was released in 2014. Even in the year 2022, it will remain the finest option due to its outstanding performance, reliability, and premium materials. It’s a tad pricey, but it’s ideal for high-power applications.

The XMP Profile

Your RAM’s overclocking potential will be boosted thanks to this feature. The XMP profile is the best option for you, in my opinion. Purchase RAM with an XMP profile to get the best of both worlds: amazing speed and top-notch quality.

Memory Types and Sizes

Storage and speed are two of the characteristics of memory. Our recommendation for the best RAM for the i7 4790k CPU is 16GB of DDR3 RAM with a minimum 1600 MHz speed and 16GB of storage.


When making a purchase, the most important consideration is how much money you have available. The more money you spend, the better the product is.

A variety of products are listed above the best RAM for i7 4790k CPU. Anyone purchasing RAM from this list is certain to have a fantastic time.


With so many alternatives to choose from, finding the finest memory isn’t always easy. There were a few things that we decided would work better in this situation.

On our list, you’ll discover the best memory for the i7 4790k. We’ve taken into account the needs of various types of users while compiling this list, so it’s flexible. This is the most costly and least priced option.

We recommend that you purchase memory with an XMP profile, 1600 MHz or higher speed, and at least 16GB of storage.

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