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By Ray Mirra Purchase of his first book, No Limits, helped launch his writing career. In this compelling follow-up to his first bestseller, No Limits on Marriage, Ray Mirra provides details about the process of developing and expanding one’s inner strength and inner voice. No Limits on Marriage provides deep and inspired insights into how to expand one’s love life and create meaningful and lasting relationships. Mirra shares how he discovered the power of the mind to achieve great success in personal, business, and political life. No Limits on Marriage also includes useful tips for developing a winning marriage. As well as practical guidelines for making long-lasting friendships.  Ray Mirra’s compelling trilogy on love, life, and marriage promises even greater insights into how we can uncover our true inner desires.

Ray Mirra is an experienced writer and producer whose best-selling books include No Limits on Marriage. He has been a recipient of many awards, including the Outstanding Achievement in Writing category, No Limits on Marriage. Ray has managed to keep his public speaking career thriving by continually making himself available to talk about topics of extraordinary interest. As a result of his broad range of engagements. Mirra has managed to develop an impressive body of work that is consistently valuable to a large number of people. He is presently the Senior Editor for Writer’s Guide magazine.

When it comes to the most important books by Ray Mirra, you will find three essential selections. If nothing else these books should bring you back to the happy and loving days when you were a little girl. First, You Are Having Trouble Getting Over Your Husband, by Debra Rose ( 1987). If you were worried about your husband’s feelings  after the separation, this is a book about how to overcome those doubts. This is a wonderful collection of honest, heartfelt stories about how the marriage relationship has struggled over the years.

Ray Mirra’s Starring Role

My Last Duchess, by Robin Biclestone (forthcoming; 2021). This is the second book of the series, and the second of Ray Mirra’s starring role. In this one, the Duke of Gloucester is faced with the difficult challenge of leading a life in which he is no longer present. In My Last Duchess, the title character struggles with the realization that he will not be around to see the conclusion of the story. That is, if the book has at least one thing to tell. It won’t be a traditional book-it won’t be based on a biography-Ray Mirra will not be the central character.

When We Were Young, by Robin Biclestone (forthcoming). The third book in the series chronicles the days and events that occur immediately after the death of Mirra herself. In this one, we get to know about the other characters in the novel, including her son, Orlando. It also covers the aftermath of her death and how that affects the people closest to her: her brother, Ronan, and her daughter, Leila.

Just Friends, by Jennifer Levasse (forthcoming). After finishing Just Friends, Jennifer Levasse decided to write an historical biography of Raymond Mirra herself, tracing her life from childhood to adulthood. The woman who was never able to overcome the public perception of her sexuality because of her gender. She was as a person and as a daughter, and why she chose to write this book as a historical biographer rather than fiction. I enjoyed reading about the woman’s childhood as a child. How the public perception of her sexuality limited her potential. We also learn about her marriage, and what influences shaped her personality and choices for the rest of her life.

Voice of Conscience

By Elizabeth Mann (forthcoming).  In the Anastasia Steele series and the second of a trilogy chronicling the life of a young woman from a wealthy family. We meet her in boarding school and follow her from there as she goes on to become an American expat in Paris. Later, an unwilling voice of conscience for her husband and children. While the second novel in the series will be based on issues within the conservative Christian community in America. Voice of Conscience provides another view of a very important woman from a very diverse background.

The book takes its time to develop plot lines and build character personalities, and it might not be for everyone. For the most part, I enjoyed reading about Mirra because of how the author weave her experiences into a story about family, faith, and growing up. However, anyone looking for a historical biographer of a well-known historical figures might want to look elsewhere for material. Especially if they are looking for light entertainment and do not care to read the history. If you show interest in learning more about one of the most influential women in our nation’s history.

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