“Raymond Mirra: A Collection of Short Stories” 

For those who have seen the movie, “A League of Their Own,” Raymond Mirra was cast as the nerdy sport writer. The fact that he played the sport himself in a past sport helped him write about it. That same passion helped him to write about baseball for decades, which earned him a reputation as a sportswriting authority. If you are interested in learning more about this and other early life stories about the famous sportscasters of our time, you might like to dig into Ray Mirra’s fascinating biography.

In his youth, Raymond Mirra played ball, and he loved the game. He was so good at playing the game that he even got picked as a substitute player for Joe DiMaggio during one World Series game. Despite his youth, he continued to play the game for the rest of his life. A devoted fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he made sure that he was the first one on the field when the team played the New York Yankees in what would become the famous World Series.

Raymond Mirra


A passionate baseball enthusiast, he pitched the first no-hitter in history. It was against the rival Brooklyn Dodgers. And the no-no was a walk to first base with two runners on, then a groundout. It is easy to say that this game turned him into a pitcher, but it is also true that the very reason he pitched the no-no was that he had been nursing an arm injury. This gave him a unique perspective on how a game is supposed to be played.

A lifelong baseball fan, Raymond wanted to tell the story of one of the greats of the game. So he went to work writing books about the game for many years. These gave him an insight into the personalities of the players and how they played their role, why they hit, how they pitched, how they hustled, and many other things. Many of his stories also brought in his own personal experiences that he found helpful in sharing with readers.

One story in particular is called “The Kid Who Could.” It tells the story of a young man who played baseball in the Little League. But he wasn’t satisfied with just being a catcher. He played first base, second base, third base, and even some center field when he was just a teenager. He also attended many summer baseball camps.

Professional sport writer

The young man was a natural athlete. He played on a travel team his summers, which helped him develop coordination skills. But most of all, he pitched the ball as well as he could. His story is a great example of how a player with a gift for hitting can also develop into a successful pitcher. There are also other lessons that he learned about playing the game that he then used to hone his skills as a professional and a coach as well.

Another thing that really stood out to me was how he embraced the sport of hockey. As a kid, he was obsessed with the Boston Bruins and even had a poster of Bobby Orr hung up in his bedroom. As a result, he became a great fan of the hockey team, and he even grew hair down to his neck in remembrance of the way that he felt about the game when he was a kid. But unlike so many athletes before him, he did not grow addicted to the game and considered it to be quite a bit of fun. After he went to college, though, he realized that he had to continue to pursue his dream because there were other opportunities available.


Overall, this collection of short stories is a wonderful behind the scenes look at the life of a Ray mirra professional sport writer. I think that the enjoyment that I got from reading the story was quite rewarding, and it gave a nice glimpse into the world of professional sports writers. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in learning more about the sports world and the characters who have shaped it. It is not just another story about some athlete; rather, it is an amazing journey through the early life of a sport writer that I am sure that anyone who likes sports will enjoy.

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