Ready To Start With Shopify? Know-How to Customize Shopify Pages

You Are you one of those who started with Shopify and stucked in the process of customizing Shopify Pages? If yes, Get to the below-given information to know about customizing the Shopify pages in detail.  

Shopify is one of the leading platforms in the E-commerce world.  With several stores luring around, Shopify is a way to get businesses online. Today almost every second business is using the platform to start and launch their own products and services.  Easy to use interface, SEO friendliness, high security, reliability, seamless and user-oriented are some of the key elements making Shopify a booming opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. 

But what made Shopify more user-friendly is its easy customizations. With a simple approach, one can just change the page templates as per their needs. This blog will highlight the steps, ways, and aspects to customize page templates in your Shopify store quickly.

Introducing Shopify Pages

Shopify pages are a kind of web page that is predesigned within the Shopify platform.  In such pages, the content, image, products, and services are being displayed for the users to watch out for and know about your business.  The pages comprise all the information you need to keep up your brand in the limelight for the users.  

The pages are not available to us directly.  There is a Shopify page editor who edits all the core pages of Shopify, helping you to customize Shopify pages as per your business needs.  With a complete package, the web pages are designed to give a full-fledged Shopify store. 

Use of Shopify Pages: Why It Is Being Used?

Shopify pages offer numerous benefits to the one who is out to open a Shopify store.  With different features and functionalities, Shopify provides ease to businesses to get started with their Shopify store. Let’s hear it in detail!

Ample themes to go-ahead

The best thing about the Shopify pages is it has different themes. You can use different pages per your business needs.  From free to paid themes you will have a wide variety to choose from. Experiment with the suitable theme and get started.  The editor within the Shopify pages allow you to adjust the theme for every page and adapt it accordingly/ 

Responsiveness at peak

Another thing is Shopify pages are highly responsive. This means the pages of the Shopify ecommerce platform go across on any device. From any size to any smart device, the platform runs in every way. And this is all because of the straightforward interface that helps merchants and business owners to get started with launching the Shopify store like a pro.  

Pre-built features

Shopify platform is built with great features eliminating the time and effort of the businesses to get started with Shopify stores.  Be it themes, designs, layout, or any other features, Shopify got everything covered, providing easy store development.

Ready To Create A New Page In Shopify? Here We Go!

Now that we’ve covered all the basics of Shopify let’s go into more detail on how to get started with a new page.  Here is a step flow to give you an overview for creating a new page

  • The first step is to log in with the Shopify admin panel
  • Click on the online store – pages 
  • Press on add page
  • Enter the title as per your choice for the page and its content
  • Set a specific publication date to publish the content on a specific date.
  • Make the above steps and click on the save 

Steps to Add Content on the Page

Now, after you log in to Shopify and start the page creation, the next step is to create the content.  

  • Shopify comprises the text editor in the content section. 
  • Visit the section, click on it, and go-ahead
  • Choose the text format, start writing 
  • Customize color, font, size within the text editor
  • You can also insert links, tables, images, and videos within the content to make it more attractive
  • Edit the HTML code for the page by pressing the button for HTML available on the side. 
  • After adding content and setting everything, click on the save button. 

Steps To Linking The Page

  • After working on the content page, the next is to highlight the text for linking.
  • Press on the selected text and click on the insert link option
  • After clicking on the insert like an option, enter the web address
  • The next is to enter a descriptive link
  • Do the SEO as per the need
  • Lastly, don’t forget to save

Types of Shopify Pages for Customization

You can customize numerous pages within Shopify need to launch an online store ideally. After you know about the steps to customize, let’s dive more deeply into understanding the different pages that need customization. 

About Us Page

About us, the page is the first page of Shopify that needs customization.  It comprises all the information about the business along with the products and services. With unique content, selling, and promotion of the company, Save the page covered everything for the customers. You can also go for Shopify web development company and have a completely customized Shopify store according to your store’s requirements.

Product Page

The next page in Shopify is the product page. This page comprises the product and services of the business. The page brings together all the effects of the businesses and highlights them for the users. Thereby you can list all the product descriptions, images, and reviews for users to purchase. 

Password Page

The next page your Shopify store has is the password page. The page occupies all the settings related to editing the password of the Shopify store.  In this, by filling in the username and other credentials, one can log in to the store.

Collection Page

This page is for the users to help them in window shopping.  On this page by classify the products as per their similarities and shop.  You put a collection of different products here.

Shopify Blog Page

Blog page is the page where you post news and updates about your site or product.  It is the user’s friendly information about the products and services for the users. Moreover, the users come to know about the business in detail. 

Shopify Shopping Cart Page

Another thing that makes Shopify more interesting is the Shopify shopping cart page.  This cart page is basically to check out the process of shopping for the users. The selected items get into the car. The users directly from the cart can buy the item and make the payments. 

Ready to Customize Your Own Shopify Page?

Hope, this information will help you get to all the information related to customizing the Shopify pages.  However, the process is easy but at times becomes quite tricky.  In that scenario,  hiring a Shopify plus Development Company can work for you.  Such companies keep an eye on all the latest trends, customizations, and features that will help to keep your Shopify store up to date. Get in touch to get the best help.

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