Respiratory Exerciser – An Ode to maintaining Healthy Lungs

Introduction of Respiratory Exerciser

Given the current change in climate and the rise of the deadly coronavirus, our lungs have become more vulnerable than ever. Climate change is caused majorly due to global warming and pollution and the coronavirus outbreak was caused by ourselves. What they both have in common is that the pollution in the air and the infection caused by the virus will put your lungs at risk. With air pollution, you can develop breathing problems and with the latter, you will suffer from lung failure. Now, what you can do as a preventive measure to maintain the health of your lungs is use a respiratory exerciser and a breathing measurement device to keep track of your lung’s health.


With a lot of thought and effort being put into the resistance of the virus and the reduction of air pollution, the solution to the problem is yet to be found. If you already have a breathing problem like Asthma, then you know how walking or running can make you run out of breath. A respiratory exerciser is a device that lets you exercise your lungs and increase the overall strength and air holding capacity of your lungs. The device is fairly simple to use. It has three measuring chambers to show your overall progress and a mouthpiece through which you breathe in and breathe out through your lungs. Each measuring chamber has a ball that fluctuates depending on the air pressure created in the Chambers and the stronger your lungs become, the more these balls fluctuate and reach the top. 

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  • Enables deep breathing: Deep breathing is the ability to breathe in the maximum capacity of air that your lungs can hold and breathe them out slowly. It is also known as diaphragm breathing, which has a lot of health benefits to it such as stress reduction, pain reduction, etc.
  • An increase in energy: Through the prolonged use of respiratory exercises, you are bound to experience a sudden boost in energy. This happens because all the organs in your body receive more oxygen and the overall increase in the oxygen content of your blood increases your stamina making you feel more energetic.
  • Improved digestion: When the blood present in your body cannot retain the proper amount of oxygen, it fails to fully absorb the nutrients present in the food you eat. Due to an increase in your lung capacity and the overall blood flow, the process of digestion improves.
  • Improves your posture: Working desk jobs and working from home can have a radical effect on your posture. Bad posture not only looks bad but it is also not good for your body to stay in a position it is not supposed to. Using respiratory exercisers causes your spine to simultaneously lengthen and straighten which improve your posture over time.

How do you use a breathing exerciser?

First you need to set your spirometer or breathing exerciser. You need to connect the flexible tubing with the base. You have to secure the pipe tightly with your mouth. Take a breathe in slowly from the mouth. After that you have to breathe out slowly. As you breathe, you will see the piston will move upwards.

There would be a arrow which show that you are doing rightly. If the indicator doesn’t show between the arrows, it means you are breathing too fast or too slow. You can hold the breathe upto 10 sec or as long as you can. When you will release the breathe then the piston will come down downwards. You have to follow the ame procedure several times or prescribed by the doctor.


A breathing measurement device is going to be very helpful for you during a time when coronavirus and air pollution is omnipresent. You can find a good respiratory exerciser on the internet that is both durable and affordable.

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