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There are two major requirements for safety on the job site. First, measures should be take to ensure adequate security for people who are at work. This is to be in line with the primary objective of construction site hoarding panels, which is safety foamex board printing.

Construction Site Hoarding Regulations

If you’re thinking of installing hoardings on your site of construction, it is important to make sure you’re following all rules and guidelines that apply to the area. . Continue reading to learn the essential things to bear in mind while putting up hoarding on your site in the near future foamex board printing.

What Regulations Must You Follow When You Are Putting Up A Site-Wide Hoarding?

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) stipulates the need to safeguard those strolling through the construction area. This is among the main motives behind putting fences on construction sites and also to protect your work foamex board printing.

Before beginning working on a project, you’ll have to conduct an assessment of safety and health that will establish whether your work poses a risk to the general public. The Construction Design and Management Regulations include five elements of legal requirements that you have to follow.

This implies that you must add fences to your site to inform who’s allowed access to the site. Also, you should take additional steps to ensure only authorize  individuals are grant access, like using key cards or an access point.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Putting Up A Construction Site Hoarding

As a site manager for construction you’ll have to think about a lot of things prior to the start of the process. Hoarding panel on construction sites come with plenty of issues that require you to consider the individuals who live and work within the local region.

Consider children and other vulnerable individuals who live near to ensure their safety during your time within the area. Make sure to put up barriers around pits or areas that you’ve excavated to ensure that no one falls in. When using vehicles, secure them in the night when they are able to stay away from the view of others.

Storage of your material is one of the main reasons for building hoarding fences for construction in order to stop objects from falling and landing in the roadway. When it gets dark, we suggest that you put away ladders to ensure that nobody can get access to the scaffolding or climb to a height that is too high.

Dangerous substances should also be secure, since you never know who could be able to get into the construction site after you’re  with the day. There are many aspects to consider prior to starting work, however, this will ensure that you and your employees as well as everyone living in the vicinity is secure throughout the construction project.

Construction Resources And Wall Height For Situate Hoarding

A typical construction site is required to have an elongated fence of 2 metres however; it is recommended that you raise the height to 2.4 metres. If your property requires more security, it will have at least 3 metres of fencing that is high-security. Fences that are high are a good option in urban areas or areas with lots of children.

It is also possible to include mesh fencing to create an inner security fence which is lockable . In terms of the materials to be used for fencing typically, we suggest steel or timber. Timber is pre-set to 2.4 metres and is mostly made of low-density particleboard, or even plywood.

A second issue is that unauthorise access to sites is to be stop. This is outline by the Construction Regulations 2007. Similar to most legislation there are a lot of details buried in terminology. Here are a few most important hoarding safety issues to be aware of.

1. Height Requirements

While there are no fixed guidelines for the dimensions of a hoarding on a construction site however, they should be tall for individuals to climb them easily. Therefore, hoardings on sites are usually quite tall and intimidating to block the unauthorise access of people and to protect the valuable equipment within.

2. Strength Requirements

Site hoardings need to be durable and sturdy that’s why we design ours using extremely durable wood. foamex board printing for construction sites meet the minimum requirements of being sturdy enough to withstand mind, and not be smashed down with force or broken to allow forced entry.

3. Access Requirements

Accessing hoardings on construction sites has to be controll. Therefore, there shouldn’t be open entrances. To ensure safety hoardings should have gate locks that are secure and access points. This allows for monitoring the amount of people who are on the site, while also ensuring that people cannot wander through the area.

4. Display Requirements

Hoardings need to effectively hide areas of construction. 

What Size Does A Construction Site Hoardings Need To Be?

As a guideline hoardings on construction sites need to be about 8 feet high, but there’s no specific limit to their size. Like we said, hoardings that aren’t effectively scale are considere to be too tall.

If the circumstance calls for it, it’s feasible to create hoarding that are slightly higher than this. The surrounding area of the hoarding must also be take into consideration when the height it will be. A nearby wall might make a site taller hoarding as it can assist when climbing up.

Who Is Responsible For A Building Site Hoarding?

Hoardings on construction sites are an obligation of the project’s head contractor. So, ensuring that the project is in compliance with the safety and health regulations is upon their shoulders. 

How Often Should Hoardings Need To Be Maintained?

After they’ve been erect, the hoardings on site must be periodically checke and maintain to ensure that they are functioning as intend throughout the project. While there aren’t any requirements for maintenance in place as of yet, it’s recommend to inspect the structure for any damage. Usually, a schedule for inspections will be establish that is strictly follow in order to ensure the best performance.


Even if you need to install temporary fencing on the construction site isn’t a reason to not get a bit more stylish. Many businesses are opting to paint the bollard covers with the colours of the contractor or style, and incorporate logos or branding in order to identify who’s involved in the project.

Sites may also sell the space to local businesses to advertise and you can also add pictures of the project.  Digital print companies can create appealing designs that are easily place on any fence.


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