Role Of Accountants

Accountants have become an integral part of companies. Without them there would be no payment of salaries, companies could not present balance sheets and who else would have an overview of all income and expenses of the company? We introduce you to the future-oriented job profile of an accountant and Buy Persuasive Essay Online.

What does an accountant do? What are his typical tasks?

Everything that has to do with income and expenses in the company falls within the remit of an accountant. His typical duties include:

  • Booking current business cases
  • Filing of invoices, receipts, and receipts
  • Arrange payments at home and abroad
  • keeping business records
  • Creation of balance sheets
  • Preparation of accounts and annual accounts
  • Communication with tax consultants and auditors


What does the typical day-to-day work of an accountant look like?

Accountants spend most of their working time posting income and expenses, i.e. all business transactions of the company. Invoices and receipts are collected and booked, as are delivery notes, receipts, and bank statements. Special accounting software is generally used for this.

Where exactly the focus of the work lies, however, also depends very much on which sub-area an accountant has specialized in. While in smaller companies often only one person is entrusted with the bookkeeping of the entire company, in larger companies there are often several people who have specialized in individual sub-areas. This includes, for example:

  • asset accounting
  • financial accounting
  • balance sheet accounting
  • payroll accounting
  • accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • stock accounting


What is the typical job profile of an accountant?


Accountants need good business education. This can either be obtained by studying business administration, especially in the areas of accounting, controlling, and financial law. On the other hand, there are also accounting courses that can be completed as a prerequisite for working as an accountant, such as the WIFI accounting course.


training and advancement opportunities

In the field of accounting, there are several specialization options that accountants can pursue. This includes, for example, accounts receivable and accounts payable, invoice verification, or budget planning.

It is also important to always stay up-to-date on legal regulations, legal framework conditions, and legal changes. Regular further training is therefore essential for accountants. This also applies to the legal areas that have arisen in the context of the corona pandemic due to the constantly changing corona regulations and legal bases.


Required knowledge and skills

The relevant commercial training has already been mentioned as a basic requirement for working as an accountant. They must also be familiar with the tax regulations. You need a good feel for numbers and a very precise way of working. Safe handling of the accounting software used in the company is also a prerequisite for working as an accountant.


What is the job market for accountants like?

Accountants bring enormous specialist knowledge into the company and are therefore in great demand. It is currently even the case that there is a shortage of these skilled workers, as the demand is greater than the supply. This means that even newcomers without professional experience have a good chance of getting a job and Expository Essay Writing.

In addition, demand has also increased due to the Corona crisis: Accountants are currently in even greater demand due to their knowledge of COVID regulations and measures, home office lump sum switching, short-time work, etc. More and more self-employed people are no longer able to understand all these regulations and seek the help of accountants – here there is also the possibility of offering one’s services as a self-employed accountant.


What does an accountant earn?

The salary of an accountant can vary depending on education, specialization, and work experience. The salary range is between 1,800 and 3,500 euros gross per month, the average salary is around 2,800 euros per month. Financial and accounting clerks earn more on average than general accountants. The average monthly salary here is 3,400 euros.

If you want to know what salary options an accountant has in detail, try the StepStone Salary Planner. Are you looking for a suitable job offer? Take a look at our current job offers as an accountant. Accountants spend most of their working time posting income and expenses, i.e. all business transactions of the company.

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