Rules For Using Winter Tyres In The United Kingdom

Do you own a car that you want to get fitted with heavy grip tyres? Well, you are then at the right place. There are some given rules for the change and maintenance of tyres in the United Kingdom. If you want to know them and make sure that you are following all the mandated regulations, then sit tight. 

Wanting to change the tyres of your vehicle is not child’s play. The mechanism is tricky, and most people do not have the right equipment to prop up the wheels. You may want to contact Car Tyres London for some assistance. They have a great set of people that work dedicatedly to get your vehicle up and going. They can also set you up with perfectly fitting tyres and of the exact kind that you may want. 

Before we address all that there is to know about the legal requirement for the tyres in the United Kingdom, let us discuss the options. There are mainly three basic types of tyres. Here is a detailed analysis of the major types. 

Summer Tyres

The tyres are made to perform well in higher temperatures, just as the name suggests. For people that are thinking this is simple, then you are unfortunately mistaken. 

Summer for different parts of the united kingdoms is different in the sense that not all parts of the country experience an equal rise in temperature. 

Another variable climatic factor is that there are different levels of rainfall throughout the country. 

Tyres that are meant for the summer, are equipped to perform particularly well in such varied conditions. The summer tyres are well equipped with a deep and well-planned network of treads. These are responsible for preventing the tyres from experiencing aquaplaning. 

Aquaplaning is the phenomenon where due to the presence of water between the surface of contact of the tyre and the street the tyre loses grip. This situation takes the driver out of control of the vehicle. It is a dangerous situation, which can escalate very quickly into deadly territories. 

All Season Tyres

These tyres are intended to work across all seasons. These tyres are designed in a way that they can promise mediocre results for both the seasonal extremities. 

In case of heavy snowfall, these tyres should not be expected to work perfectly and maintain the level of safety recommended. Neither can these tyres be expected to ensure proper safety and excellent results in places with very high temperatures during the summer season? 

These tyres are the best fit for people in the temperate zones of the earth. Technically speaking, these tyres would be perfect math for people living in an area where climate change is not extreme. The United Kingdom is not the best location for that. Some of the stretches of the country have extremely harsh winters, although the summer is much less brutal on the people of the country. 

Winter Tyres

Just as the name correctly suggests these tyres are wonderful for even the extreme winters. 

These tyres are made with expertly crafted material designed to stay plums even in very dehydrating conditions. The winter in the United Kingdom is dry, a start in opposition to the summer climate. 

The tyres are well equipped with heavy and deep treading to tackle the snow-covered road that melts under the pressure of the cars. The cars then run a risk of slipping and losing their grip on aquaplaning. 

These tyres are perfectly crafted to avoid any such mishaps. Even though they are great in the snow, their tyres are not the best investment for regular wet roads. 

The snow-tyres are expensive, and to use them for light snowfalls and barely snow-covered roads might be a shot in the wrong basket. 

Although they are expensive, if you want to have better control and firm grip on all roads at all times you can have them attached to your vehicle by any professionals. 

Rules For Using Winter Tyres

As far as laws go, there are no mandates against winter tyres on tyres during a season that is not winter. Therefore you are covered for that part. Other than that, some aspects need to be taken care of. 

If you choose to change the tyres of your vehicle, and the transport has insurance, please inform them about the changes. There have been cases where the insurance company has denied the family the money for the simple fact that they were unaware of the changes made to the vehicle. 

Once that is taken care of, you can find the perfect tyres for your vehicle at Goodyear Tyres London. They can set you up with some sweet deals on the way too. To make sure that you are on the right track with the law, make sure that the treads of your tyre are at least more than 2 mm at all times. Once you figure out that it is getting close to that value, make sure to change the tyres. And to do that, you now know which door to knock. 

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