Scammers asking for Google Verification Code| How to Stay Alert


You may see messages requesting Google verification codes that you did not request on your mobile or computer screens. So, we are going to tell you about how you can stay alert from all these scammers and hackers who are asking for Google verification code. This recent new scheme of different scammers is increasing day by day through which they aim to use your personal information. 

If someone is demanding your verification code then that means that they are asking for your personal number which is link with your Google account. This also means that someone is trying to log into your account from an account that is not authorized by you. Through these techniques, various scammers try to steal the identities of people and then misuse them to partake in illegal activity. Having your phone number stole is a very big problem and these scammers aim to do the same. 

Many mobile phone users are also being targeted so that the scammers gain access to your Google account through the Google authenticator. This recent scam trend is very popular these days and is troubling a lot of people. This technique is the same as another person dressing like you and making benefits from your identity. Most people would not hesitate if you that scammer dress up as a police officer so, these criminals are using only these options in the online method through the Google recover codes. 

What is Google Recovery code?

Now, if you are thinking that what is the recovery code then, allow us to share some information for you. When you create an account with Google, they ask for a mobile number and an alternative email address that you can use if you ever forget the password of your account. Then, you start the Google account recovery procedure where Google will give you a six-digit code. This code is then use to log into your account and then reset its password.

Now, consider that the scammer through any means tricks you into sharing the google verification code with them, it can easily lead them to your account and they can ultimately lock you out of your account. These scammers can call you or message you through toll-free numbers and ask you to send them the Google business verification code and once you have done that then, your entire business platform falls into their hands and you can do nothing about it. 

So, remember that in this condition you should share your verification code with any other person. This can lead to your identity getting stole online through which they can access all the things that are connect to your Google account.

What to do After you Shared the Code?

But, the biggest question is what to do if you have accidentally shared the six-digit Google verification code. Then, do not worry as we are going to give you a solution in case you have made this huge mistake. Follow the steps that we are giving if you have shared the code with anyone. 

Adhere to this procedure for Google:

  1. The very first step is to open your Google account on your device. 
  2. After that, the only option for you is to change the password for your account before the scammer gets any chance to open your account.
  3. This is the only way through which you can make sure that the scammer is not able to access your Google account. 

Stick to this Procedure for Google voice:

  1. Open Google voice by using the link and if you do not have a Google voice account for yourself then, request a ‘Voice number’. 
  2. You will see a “Get a voice number” link on the screen which you have to click. When the screen will ask for a phone number, do not at any cost enter the number you have shared with the scammer. 
  3. Type the phone number of any other device on which you will receive a new Google my business verification code. You can use this number and then remove it.
  4. You can also use your stolen number after you have recovered it using the phone services. 

Another thing that you need to remember is that you should never enter or share the Google verification code if the recovery process has not been start by you. 

You can also remove the stole phone number after you have opened your account. From the option to link another number tap on that number that has been stole by the scammer and then click on it to remove it and end the scammer’s connection with your account. 

We recommend that you should also be cautious of these scammers and fraudsters who are aiming to steal your identity and benefit from your account illegally. Hope that the information shared by us is beneficial for you.

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