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Shopify is the most popular ecommerce solution available in the world today. It is easy to manage your Shopify Website Cost, manage your orders, and even use advanced features such as Google checkout if you have an ecommerce site. But did you know that the Shopify website cost can sometimes be a lot more than some other solutions?

smallest start-up costs

Shopify has one of the smallest start-up costs out there, but they don’t do so well when it comes to scaling up their operations. Amazon, one of their largest competitors, already has ecommerce stores all over the United States and Canada. They are also well known for being among the most accessible and user friendly sites on the web. Their Shopify site costs only about $6.00 per month to start, far less than Shopify itself costs.

Shopify website cost

But if your site isn’t located in one of the larger cities, such as New York or California, then the Shopify website cost may be a lot higher. The reason for this is because their inventory is split between many countries. Each country will have a different Shopify store design which will have its own Shopify website costs. So if your site is not located in the United States for example, you may have to pay more to get your Shopify store setup and running. This may also hold true if your site is based in Europe but your product products are not offered or shipped outside of that particular region.

Shopify template system

Another consideration when it comes to Shopify website cost is how many templates are available. Having multiple templates allows you to customize your site the way that you see fit. For instance, having two different home pages, or categories for your products can make your website seem far more organized and professional. The Shopify template system allows for this, along with having a “shop” category that can contain subcategories, an “all products” category, as well as a “restaurant” category.

reasonable Shopify Website Cost

Shopify applications

Shopify does allow for unlimited amount of hosting, so your site can grow indefinitely with very little initial startup cost. This cost is separate from Shopify itself, although it may come into play at some point in the future. Shopify does require monthly maintenance as well, so if you have several categories, then you may need to purchase more space after Shopify Website Cost has finished updating the Shopify control panel. Shopify has stated publicly that they have seen Shopify applications that have used too much bandwidth, resulting in the loss of Shopify store space.

free customization

The final Shopify website cost that needs to be considered is the actual design and look of the site. In most cases, a business owner will use their own graphics, images, and color schemes to create a site. It is important to ensure that these are updated on a regular basis in order to keep customers coming back.  and features to help you get the best look possible on your site. Many of the features offer free customization to give you the best overall appearance for your site.

Marketplace Tools

Shopify offers the ability to manage the content on the site with the administrator center,

along with the ability to add new pages, add/edit product information, and edit/remove products.

Shopify also offers marketing resources such as the “Advertising Center” and ” Marketplace Tools.”

The Marketplace tool allows you to manage and maintain several pay choices,

which may include: adding/edit/ deleting payment options,

as well as setting up/deleting coupons, discounts, reward points, and vouchers.

Shopify may also offer other in-built features for managing inventory such as adding/ editing product quantities

and searching for products by specific criteria such as price, brand, category, and so forth.

Shopify has a number of features

Although  to manage the website,

one of its more expensive features is the site building software bundle.

Shopify claims that this bundle is designed to simplify site creation and is capable of supporting the most basic website,

consisting of a contact form, shopping cart, and shopping list.

This does however, not mean that a Shopify template will be able to support more complex sites.

Shopify website owners who are interested in expanding Shopify Website Cost

the functionality of their site will need to look elsewhere for additional Shopify templates and features.

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