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Specialized Trucking

Specialized Trucking is an elite full-service specialty trucking business that specializes in oversized, overweight, and custom-made trucks. The company ships nationwide and delivers a wide variety of over-sized, oversized, and custom-built vehicles to clients across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Some of the most popular models that the company offers include Sprinter, Strident, Dragon, Grand Marquis, Galaxy, Concrete Cat, and Diablo. Specialized Trucking also offers used and specialized trucking, parts, and accessories for all truck types. For most delivery orders, pickup and delivery services are provided within two hours from the main office.

Transportation services

In the United States, specialized trucking companies have mastered the art and science of shipping and transporting heavy loads. Their fleet of carriers can move anything from cars to refrigerators to refrigerated drums. They are proficient at hauling both manufactured products and raw materials, and they can even haul your dry goods and other products. Whether you need transportation of a single product or a massive shipment of products, they will deliver. To get a quote on their transportation services just visit their website and fill out a free application form.

Range of transportation

In addition to hauling freight, they provide a wide range of transportation solutions including flatbed, enclosed trucks, semi-trailers, and low-loaders. They also have a full-service trailer yard where they store freight for transportation or storage. In case your storage needs require long or short distances, short and long trailers are available.

specialized trucking

Driver training program

Another service offered by specialized trucking jobs is their driver training program. This program has been carefully designed to instruct skilled drivers in all aspects of road safety, along with emergency vehicle procedures and road rules. Once certified, drivers undergo a rigorous eight-week training program that includes classroom and driving instruction. The program consists of written and driving exams as well as field practice.

Haul freight

For hauling both light and heavy loads, specialized trucking expertise offers the most cost-effective solution. Drivers who are hired by specialty transport companies have been thoroughly trained and are professionally certified, along with a license to haul freight. Drivers hired as brokers or contractors earn extra income and profit by providing transportation services to other companies.

Cargo and drives

Specialized trucking businesses offer truck drivers the ability to expand their business by adding new clients while expanding their fleet size. If you need to transport building supplies to an office building, then it is easy to provide the building materials – the driver simply packs up his cargo and drives it to the new office. However, if you need to transport heavy loads to a manufacturing facility, then professional drivers are needed. Rather than paying for multiple loads, the specialized driver can provide the necessary service – within one tank of fuel.

specialized trucking

Fleet of trucks

When using specialized transportation solutions, you can save money and time. This is because you do not have to hire additional drivers who will charge for the fuel and gas that they consume. Hiring drivers who use fossil fuels for their fuel source eliminates the need for these drivers. In addition, when using specialized transportation solutions, you can ensure that your goods are in good condition. Drivers who drive a fleet of trucks will ensure that your goods reach their destinations on time and will minimize the chances of damage. They also ensure that the transport company has the proper load distribution and capacity for your goods.

Handling emergency situations

Specialized trucking companies employ truck drivers who are experience and professional. These drivers are able to handle a variety of situations that may arise during a transportation job. Drivers have a number of safety and maintenance techniques that they can use to ensure. That the transporting job is completed safely and properly. They also have the knowledge and skills needed air freight company to help other drivers during an emergency situation. Furthermore, drivers have training and experience in handling emergency situations that may occur while transporting freight or passengers on the road.

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