Telecom Companies Can Create Customized Contracts with Online Apps

The telecommunications industry is a fast-pace industry where many organizations work with multiple partners in various disciplines to provide communications services to consumers and businesses. Time is always of the essence. Much of a telecommunications provider’s time is spent creating customized contracts, including cellular and broadband contracts, business accounts, and partnership agreements.  When this process is paper-base, it is expensive, resource-intensive, and time-consuming. An industry that enables companies and consumers to communicate better should rely on electronic signatures to improve internal processes. 

Accelerating the Contract Signing Process 

The approval process takes a long time, and a paper-base process will only make things slower, especially when dealing with in-store contracts.

Electronic signatures significantly reduce the time it takes for a contract to go from initial signature to final approval. Documents can be sent to a customer’s email address for signature or present on a tablet for review in the store. The signature of the signatory is embed in the document and provides evidence of signature.

The document can then be automatically email to the contract team to begin the next step in the approval process. Managers and accounting teams tasked with authorizing and validating new contracts can accelerate this process with a mass signature so that multiple documents can be sign in seconds. 

With thousands of new or renew contracts to be processevery day, this automate process can significantly improve productivity and give teams time to focus on activities that drive business growth. 

Electronic signing with an e-seal 

The signature key belongs to a legal entity and not a person – it can be use for customer contracts. 

For example, when signing multiple business cellular contracts for employees. An electronic seal can be provide to HR to sign on behalf of the company, eliminating the need for management to oversee and sign each contract. 

Future opportunities for electronic signatures

Since the entire cycle of the electronic signature is automate. It offers the plann bidder the extraordinary freedom of not having to walk from pillar to post. This has shorten the acquisition cycle considerably and improve the work culture significantly. Thanks to the framework for the evaluation cycle. It has become much easier for the tendering agency to find the best regulations.

In summary, it can be said that one of the most important prerequisites for responding to an e-tender and receiving the order. It is the e-labeling and certification receives from the provider. E-brands with a level of 3A or 3B are use to respond to an e-alert. At the same time, digital authentication serves as a web-base identification of the provider. Planne bidders should not be unduly stress. They can be receive within 8-10 hours if they register with the right specialist.

Legal Aspects of Electronic Signatures

Bidders should be familiar with the legal requirements that apply to global, open and local tenders. For example, providers in India must comply with the Information Technology Act, 2000 when replying to electronic signatures.

These are some of the things we need to keep in mind when looking for the best online signature app for us.

Ensuring Compliance 

Telecommunications companies store sensitive customer data, so organizations must comply with the GDPR. Electronic signature contracts, which contain a timestamp that indicates when the document was sign and guarantees that it has not been tamper with. These are invaluable as part of a GDPR-compliant data strategy. 

In addition to GDPR compliance, electronic signatures must be eIDAS-compliant. Advance and qualifying electronic signatures provide legal security in the UK and the EU. To be eIDAS compliant, an advance electronic signature must be:

  • Be link to the signatory.
  • Electronic signature creation data that the signatory can use with a high degree of confidence under their sole control.
  • Be able to identify the signer & be link to the sign data so that any subsequent change to the data is recognizable.

A free electronic signature in the word must meet the above requirements. It must also be sign with a suitable signature creation device (QSCD). 

For larger contracts and commercial transactions with third-party providers and others in the industry.  eIDAS-compliant signatures offer security and legal certainty if contracts are contest. 


Many companies have instructed their employees to work from home. Which is challenging as they lack the resources to work remotely and create customized contracts.

There is no reason to use paper for contracts, agreements, HR, and other business documents in this day and age. It is important that the authenticity, trust and integrity of the Sign documents online with guaranteed.

Like many others, we were financially affected by COVID-19 and had to cancel a large event at short notice. Fortunately, our suppliers were very helpful with the re-planning.

As an affected British company and in the spirit of helpfulness, we offer each affected company a free 2500 electronic signature Online package that all employees can use on our DocSignPro cloud service.

Get in touch to discuss the benefits of e-signature for your telecommunications company. To learn how DocSignPro’s easy-to-use user interface can be branded and integrated with existing business applications for a seamless user experience to guarantee.

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