The Benefits Of Managed IT For Small NYC Businesses

Small businesses often don’t have the budget to have their own in-house IT department. They may also lack the expertise or physical space required. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make technology any less vital for their business’s success. It also doesn’t make them any less of a target for hackers. Actually, it makes them more viable as a target as cyber criminals know that smaller businesses tend to have unsecured networks.

Managed IT services have become a popular option to provide comprehensive IT support to small businesses. Managed IT services include cybersecurity, IT support, cloud computing services and IT consultancy, paid for at a monthly rate.

What Does Managed IT Services Include?

Managed IT includes a variety of different services and technologies. Therefore, each provider will have their own packages and offerings. However, all managed IT services should include the following…

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity should be a key concern for every business. Effective cybersecurity services protect your business from hackers. They also help to stop malware, ransomware, and hackers.

Network Administration

Maintaining the network infrastructure of your business is vital to ensure its efficiency and security. Your managed IT services provider is responsible for the planning and maintenance of your network. Their approach is bespoke. They will design a network infrastructure based around the needs of your business, the technology you use, and the way you use it.

Data Backup

Data is at the heart of many modern businesses and losing it could have serious implications for your profit. Effective data backup solutions will ensure that there is always a secure backup of your data. Often, this backup is housed off-site in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Your business needs to be prepared for anything. Disaster recovery services include backup solutions for your business to use in the event that your technology or your business premises becomes compromised as the result of a disaster.

A “disaster” in this example could be a ransomware attack removing your ability to use your computers. Disasters can be physical as well as digital. It could be something physical like an office fire which blocks access to your premises for several days. Your managed IT provider helps you plan for these eventualities and build a disaster recovery plan. Your provider also supplies hands on support in the event of a business disaster.

IT Support

Day to day IT issues will always occur, no matter how well-run your network is. Most managed IT providers have a remote IT support helpdesk that can assist your team in solving their IT queries. They provide assistance over the phone or through a remote access tool. Additionally, they have on-premises IT support engineers who can travel to your business if required. Unlike standalone IT support, managed IT services are normally charged at a per user rate instead of an hourly one.

What Are The Benefits Of Managed IT Services Provider In NYC For Small Businesses?

Save Money

Most managed IT services in New York City are charged on a per-user basis. This pricing model makes managed IT services perfect for small businesses. This is because businesses can scale their required level of IT support as their business grows.

Save Office Space

In a densely packed city like NYC, managed IT support can save a small business money. This is partly because it removes the need for office space that an in-house IT team requires. Remote support from an IT helpdesk is almost instant. Contrast this with the long wait times you endure when an engineer travels to your office.

Get Instant Remote Support

A single IT provider can supply managed IT services in New York to multiple small businesses. Thanks to cloud computing and remote access controls, the majority of IT issues can be fixed by a remote helpdesk. Therefore, engineers are only sent in-person when there is a specific need for on-site IT support. The borough of Manhattan alone has over twenty IT support providers. Because they supply IT support to multiple companies, they can spread the cost of their overheads across their customers. This helps to keep prices lower for everyone.

Improve Your Security

Advanced cybersecurity is another benefit of managed IT services. Many small firms struggle to handle compliance and network security.

Compliance is a notoriously difficult aspect of IT. Typically, compliance standards are lengthy and difficult to understand. This is especially true if you’re not an expert in managed IT support services. New York state has some extremely stringent data protection regulations in the country. Businesses based there need to be constantly mindful of this.

Strengthen Your Network

Cybersecurity risks are developing rapidly. This makes it tough to keep your IT up-to-date and protected. Managed IT providers usually have cybersecurity specialists on their team to help with this. These specialists work proactively to keep all your systems up-to-date. This also helps you comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations for your industry.

If you are interested in New York managed IT support services, you should investigate IT support providers near you. Check whether other business trust them and what their reviews are like.

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