The best double decker bed for kids !

double decker bed

A double decker bed puts the fun in utilitarian and is a terrific addition to a child’s room, whether it is used for sharing amongst siblings or the sporadic sleepover.


There will always be a hierarchy, so some of the best contemporary pieces anticipate it with clever design elements like extra shelf or even desk space in the lower level.


Double decker beds are popular among children, but parents will also value them for their ability to save space. Despite being a tall piece of furniture, bunk beds have a small overall footprint. If you don’t have much room, look for designs that have an integrated ladder that doesn’t protrude. Consider where you want to set up the ladder as well. Choosing between left and right setups is frequently an option.


Most contemporary bunk beds are made of solid wood, giving them a dependable durable construction. Beware of metal items; we discovered that some of the less expensive metal items do begin to groan over time. With this substantial product, which comes flat-packed, you should anticipate a good amount of self-assembly, especially with those that prioritise storage, so be ready to roll up your sleeves.


Look for bunk beds that have passed the Malaysian Standard for children’s furnishings. Manufacturers also propose top bunk age limits and mattress depth. Make careful to adhere to these instructions.


We put a variety of modern bunk beds to the test to find the ones with the most innovative designs that also had the best utility, price, and durability.


Our unbiased reviews are reliable. Although some of the shops may pay us commission, we never let this affect our decisions, which are based on in-depth research and input from industry professionals. The Independent’s journalism is supported in part by these revenues.


Kids Double Decker Wood Frame Upper Bunk Bed Dormitory Bed


This is a perfect double decker bed for your kids. The material is derived from wood, and the design is very careful, because it has a bookshelf, your children can put some books and stationery there, readily available.


Both the top and bottom sleeping spaces have three compartments for books, toys, and reading lamps. This one is cosy, modern, and lively, with an oak finish and clean, broad steps. There are some storage drawers at the bottom of the bed frame, which is very convenient. Your child’s clothes can be neatly placed in it. Practical and neat is its biggest advantage.


Contemporary Noa & Nani uno bunk bed in white and wood


The juxtaposition of brilliant white paint and light timber in Noa & Nani’s offering is distinctly Scandi chic. I liked how the natural wood accents stand out from the rest of the frame, giving it a cool factor that older children will appreciate.


The integrated steps start at the lower bunk, not the ground, a tiny detail that creates the illusion of more floor space. The unique bed frame is made of solid pine and has a slimline, economical form. In fact, if you’re searching for a contemporary bunk bed that won’t crowd a small area, this one is an excellent purchase.


L-shaped bunk bed from Room to Grow


If you have the space, an L-shaped bunk bed gives the bottom bed a sense of open space and allows a child with claustrophobia to sleep with their head at the open end. This MDF-made, modular item may be separated into two single beds, while the centre component offers book shelf storage.


Clean and modern, we adored how the frame seemed to have been made from stacked building blocks. It’s a minor feature, but one that budding engineers will value.


Classic beech bunk bed by Little Folks Furniture with trundle and storage


This three-in-one, pull-out trundle bed was made for sleepovers. The bunk bed is crafted from solid beech wood, making it sturdy and wobble-free. Another adaptable bunk bed, this one is simple to separate into two full-size singles.


The trundle can be utilised as convenient under-bed storage or with a mattress that is suitable for overnight guests while not in use. Because of its tall, slatted headboards and footrests, this bed has a classic appearance. A superb classic.


Solid Wood Double Decker Bunk Bed For Kids Cabinet


It is a kind of double decker bed with extra thickness strong support Parents & Kids. Don’t question its ability to carry weight, it’s his greatest feature. It can withstand at least up to 1800KG ! Besides, many cabinets are provided to put your kid’s stuffs and clothes.  The color scheme used is blue and white. This will keep your child’s mood light and happy at all times.

Just Kids bunk bed


What matters more than the double decker bed’s height is the spacing between the lower and upper beds. Parents love these designs because they allow youngsters to sit up straight during story time without experiencing a neck ache.


This one, which is built from genuine Scandinavian pine, exudes warmth and cosiness thanks to the exposed natural wood grain, knots and all. The bunk bed comes in four sizes, from small single to double, and is fuss-free and classic in style. Teenagers who share will enjoy dispersing in style.


High Quality Heavy Duty Extra Thick Steel Double Decker Bed


This bunk bed has a smart, contemporary, and clean appearance. High-quality MDF makes it strong and sturdy. The stairs are positioned in the centre of the frame, adding stability (and cosiness) to the upper bunk.


We liked the ladder’s elegant contours and coherent form, despite its heavy look. The centre steps can be beneficial if your toddler rolls out of bed.


The conclusion: Double decker bed


The double decker bed frame from Lenchong won many people’s  heart for a variety of reasons, including its attractive contemporary design, ample storage space, and reasonable price. Yes, it is bulky, but thanks to excellent design, the front remains spacious and open. With its metal handles and glow-in-the-dark stair strips, which safely direct young children back to bed in the dark, it earned our top safety ratings as well.


Put these bedding sets in their new bunk beds to make bedtimes much more enjoyable.


If you just want a bed frame, you might as well visit the website of Lenchong, they are the largest  metal furniture exporter in Malaysia.


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