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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like everyone is playing Eden Ring right now. And over the past few years, gaming has become an extremely popular pastime. The significance of a high-quality Best Gaming Monitor 2022 is something that a significant number of players are unaware of.

The right gaming monitor can completely transform your experience. Because there are hundreds of monitors available, finding the one that is best for you might be difficult; however, because of this, we are going to ask for the assistance of Reddit users.

What does Reddit recommend as the best monitor for gaming, and why? I’ve been scouring the internet for the most recent blog posts, and today we’re going to investigate the responses.

The Fundamentals of Gaming Monitors, according to Reddit
You need to have an idea of what to anticipate from a monitor before we can move on to discussing which model is the best for gaming in 2022. When it comes to gaming monitors, there are a lot of factors to think about because different gamers have different requirements. Before settling on a choice, it is important to take into account, in general, the following factors:

Hz (Hertz) – Frames per second IPS or TN. Response time Pixel resolution. Its magnitude
First things first, let’s address the issue of which panel to make use of.


In-Plane Switching (IPS) and Twisted Nematic (TN) are both abbreviations for the same technology. Redditors used to say that TN has a better response time, and while this is true, with the new 165hz IPS panels, the human eye is not capable of noticing the difference between the two types of displays.

Aside from that, IPS are by far the superior technology, and nearly everyone agrees that a gaming monitor with an IPS panel is preferable to one with a TN panel. You won’t have any trouble recognizing an IPS panel. Examine the image on the screen from a variety of perspectives. Are the colors still bright, and can you make out what’s going on in the picture? If so, it’s an in-plane switching panel.

If you go to the subreddit r/buildapc, you will be able to observe Reddit’s preferences clearly and concisely.

Ask Reddit: 60Hz, 144Hz or 165Hz?
If you are serious about your gaming monitor, this is an extremely important point to consider. Hertz is an abbreviation for the longer form, and the refresh rate is controlled by Hertz. Therefore, if you are looking at a monitor that has a refresh rate of 60 hertz, then your screen can only show 60 frames every second.

This may be an even bigger problem considering that it is also 40Hz.

The most recent gaming monitors offer significantly improved frame rates, some of which are as high as 165 Hz, 144 Hz, or 120 Hz. The question that needs to be asked is, what do you require? Once more on the r/buildapc subreddit, I was able to locate a reasonably helpful response.

Another marketing strategy is to focus on the customer’s response time. A lot of the time, you will read that a gaming monitor has a response time of 1 millisecond, which leads gamers to believe that the monitor must be the best possible highest Refresh Rate Monitor. However, this is not the case at all.

To begin, the response time that is listed on the monitor’s box is the gray-to-gray response time, which means that it is only relevant for grey pixels. This is indicated by the term “grey to grey response time.” Since I’m going to assume you’re going to play games with a lot of colors, this number is pretty meaningless.

Also, as a gamer, you shouldn’t notice any difference no matter how long the response time is, whether it’s 1 millisecond or 5 milliseconds. Therefore, rather than looking for Best Gaming Monitor 2022 with a 1ms response time, make sure to get enough Hz. If you are interested in learning more about response times, here is a helpful post that was found on Reddit about it.

1080p, 1440p or 4K?

Let’s move on to the resolution now, shall we? You might believe that playing games in 4K are the best way to do so, but the truth is that it depends entirely on your requirements. What kinds of games do you play, and more importantly. What kind of graphics processing unit do you have on your computer?

You may need to update your GPU more frequently if you play games in 4k resolution. If the frame rate is more important to you than picture quality, then 1440p should be sufficient. It’s not all about pixel density, and playing games in 4K resolution isn’t always going to be the most effective way to satisfy your Best Gaming Monitor 2022 requirements.

The best resolution and refresh rate, according to Reddit, is 1440p at 144Hz. That sweet spot where you have the best of both worlds is where you are right now. Sufficient frames per second and an extremely high pixel density to make every current game playable and enjoyable.

24, 27, or 32 inches in length?

This one depends on the requirements that you have for yourself. Not only on the graphics processing unit (GPU) that you use but also on things like your desk. Do you have enough space for a monitor that is 32 inches in size? You may find yourself more comfortable with a smaller screen. You’ve seen that the majority of Redditors favor monitors that are 27 inches. But the choice is ultimately yours to make.

Always make sure that you have enough pixel density on larger monitors, regardless of what else you do. For instance, if you go with a 32-inch display. You should ensure that it has a resolution of at least 1440p.

The Best Gaming Monitor, According to Reddit

Let’s check out the current deals for the year 2022 now. That we’ve gained an understanding of the essential components that make up a gaming monitor. Because, well, let me explain why.

The list that is presented below will be modified frequently. However, as of the summer of 2022, these individuals have emerged victorious.

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