The Best Way To Clean Your Carpeted Stairs In 6 Easy Steps

is never an easy task. Cleaning your stairs can be even more challenging! Carpeted stairs are often neglected because they are hard to reach with a vacuum cleaner, but this is the worst thing you can do. The carpet traps dirt and dust that will eventually make its way onto the floor below, leaving it dirty after time passes. This blog post will teach you how to clean your carpets in 6 easy steps so that they look as good as new when guests come over!

Rake  off the 

Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to brush off loose dirt first. Vacuum away as much dirt as you can from each step before proceeding to moisten it with water for deeper cleaning. It is best to choose either hot or cold because both do the same job. Apply water to each step with a spray bottle or clean mop, then wait for it to dry before mopping up excess moisture.

Blend baking soda, borax, and essential oil together well in a bowl until there are no clumps left. Sprinkle this mixture over every single one of your carpeted stairs, especially over the dirty areas to absorb as much dirt and grime as you can.

Use a dry mop or broom to “fluff up” your carpeted stairs by pushing them back and forth across each step for at least ten minutes. For optimal results, allow this mixture to sit overnight before vacuuming it up the next day.

Give your carpeted stairs a final sweep to remove any leftover baking soda, borax, and essential oil using either a dry or wet mop. You can also use this opportunity to give each step another deep clean with an all-purpose cleaner if you wish to! And that’s it – now enjoy how fresh your carpeted stairs are!

Vacuum the stairs

The carpeted staircases can be difficult to clean because they are not flat surfaces, but an incline. Clean the steps with a vacuum for carpets stairs or a liquid cleaner using a sponge mop or a small towel. Be sure to apply generous amounts of liquid cleaner over each step. Next, mop up the excess cleaner with a towel. Run the vacuum over the steps to remove any remaining dirt or debris that may have been missed on your initial cleaning.

Do not use this method on laminate stairs without first testing it in an inconspicuous area for color fading and damage. Additionally, do not use this method on marble stairs.


Can be a great way to clean your rug, but it’s not the only one. Depending on what kind of stairs you have and how dirty they are, there might be an equally effective method that does not require any water at all!

Use vinegar and baking soda: The two ingredients combined together make for a very powerful cleaning solution that is excellent for getting rid of dirt and stains. Just mix them together into a paste and apply it on the stairs directly, then wait 15 minutes before removing with a dry cloth or dusting brush.

Use lemon juice: This one’s as simple as mixing some water and lemon juice in equal parts, applying it to the dirty area, and then scrubbing it in with a clean toothbrush. For tougher stains, try using salt along with the lemon juice and water, just make sure to cover the stain completely before leaving it for 15 minutes like you did when working with vinegar and baking soda paste.

Remove excess water with

Remove excess water with a cloth. Use an old toothbrush to scrub any stains or scuffs away from the carpeted stairs. Apply fabric cleaner with your hand or spray bottle and let it sit for five minutes before wiping it up with a clean rag, followed by another dry towel if necessary.

If you have light-colored carpets on your steps make sure to only use the cleaner on the areas that are really dirty, otherwise, you might end up with light or white stains.

If your steps have fabric runners then make sure to clean them separately before placing them back in place. Use a wet rag and scrub any dirt off of it if necessary. If they’ve gotten shaggy over time consider replacing them.

Use a household cleaner to remove any dirt or stains that are on your steps. If you have fabric covers, use the same method as in step two after cleaning them with a rag and water. Make sure to let it sit for five minutes before wiping it up with a dry cloth if necessary. This should be done every time you clean your steps to remove any dirt that collects.


vacuuming is a great way to get dirt and dust off of your carpeted stairs without any chemicals. Be sure to use an attachment so the vacuum will not damage your carpets or upholstery.

In order for this method to be effective, you should pull out as much hair from the brush rollers in your vacuum cleaner before you begin.

After you have completed the first step, take a clean cloth or towel and go over each area of your stairs to soak up any excess dust particles that remain on top of your carpet.

Vacuum again

You should make sure you move or remove anything that could get in the way of your cleaning, such as furniture.

Once the stairs are clear and free from clutter, it is time to use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to further clean out any dirt stuck between carpet fibers. Use slow back-and-forth motions when using this tool to avoid damaging the carpet.

After you have finished using your brush attachment, take out a clean towel or microfiber cloth and wipe down each stair to make sure they are dry before moving on to step five.

While this may not be an intensive deep cleaning method, it is definitely better than nothing! If done regularly, doing one of these cleanings at least once a week, you will be able to notice an improvement in the overall look of your carpet.

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