The customer service fight: digitalisation or the human touch?

In a world where customer service is reduce too quickly evolving an automated process, the ongoing battle between digitisation and human touch has never been more important.

The war between personalised customer service strategies and digitalisation is certainly not one that will be won any time soon. A human touch or empathy for your customers’ needs are still crucial. If you want them to return again in the future – even when there’s an option like online shopping. Where everything can happen at once without ever having spoken with another person!

In our fast-paced, always-on society it is difficult for companies to keep up with the human element of customer experience. A study conducted by Virlock and Six in Their Boots found that 64% feel like they have lost touch when dealing directly with customers–and this number isn’t going down anytime soon!

Technology doing the wonders 

Automation, Chatbots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality (AR) are solving the woes of customer service teams – but it’s not just customers who reap benefits. As businesses find new ways to cut costs on staff with these systems in place; employees can focus more deeply than ever before on providing excellent service that is tailored specifically for each client or inquiry without having unnecessary distractions from other tasks like answering phone calls while doing paperwork at an office desk.

A few years ago this was just a dream for many companies but now it has become reality with chatbots becoming more popular among consumers worldwide as well! so what was once only available through stratospherically priced platforms has been democratized throughout all industries including retail stores that no longer require employees solely dedicated at handling customers’ questions.

Lack of human touch in the modern world

Usage of bots and automation incorrectly, but it can be even worse for customer-facing platforms. The wrong deployment of these technologies could lead customers astray with an unprofessional tone. They would sabotage any chance of having good interactions or experiences in person. With bad bot implementation or automation malfunctions, your customers might feel abandoned by the human touch. They expect you as their trusted company representative.

You have to take care of your customers. They explicitly state that they would like their customer management experience improved, and companies are starting to get it!

Human touch is often what separates a good customer experience from an excellent one. We are often looking for a personal connection with people, and this goes beyond just being friendly to customers. It’s about having that “personal” moment with them where they can tell you care about their needs and wants! 

The internet has changed how we do business, but it doesn’t have to change our humanity. If you’re looking for ways to bring your brand more in line with the modern customer expectations of today; Use Social Media Platforms Effectively – When times get tough, social media becomes even more important because it allows us to keep up appearances while staying productive elsewhere.  

Use technology wisely 

Technology has made the world a much smaller place, and customers can find you wherever they are. But this doesn’t mean that customer service is no longer necessary. Technology is use to enhance customer service–not a replacement.

To sum up: 

With the help of technology and an understanding of what customers want from their experiences, companies can provide better customer service and adopt a customer-centric approach.

But there is something special about having actual people at the helm. They are willing to go above and beyond for their clients – it really makes a difference! So take some time today to think about.  How you could make improvements in your business by adding more personal touches here and there. it’s worth the investment. 

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