The Go-To Choice For Contemporary Decor

If you are thinking of giving your interior a contemporary and fresh look then digital laminates are possibly the best options available out there. Such laminates are highly durable, affordable and look extremely edgy. They can be used on various surfaces as a top layer. Royale Touche Laminates is a significant name in the laminates business in India. Kraft papers and melamine resins are mixed to produce these laminate sheets. The laminates we make are of extremely good quality and can be used in a lot of creative ways to resurface walls, shelves, tabletops, and wardrobes. It can completely alter the vibe of the interior with a snap of your finger. They are also quite easy to install and maintain Read More Schlüsselnotdienst Ingolstadt

What are the benefits of using digital laminates?

They look appealing

Aesthetic laminate designs are sure to give your space a classy touch. The choice of patterns, colours and designs that Royale Touche Laminates offers are incredible. You will surely find a design Dubai Fit out your need and taste. You can go through our extensive laminate catalogue and select from a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your interiors. Get creative and use these laminate sheets to create a stunning visual. Using digital laminates on any old and shabby surface is going to uplift the aesthetic appeal instantly and that too without burning a hole into your pocket.


You can never overlook the cost while you are venturing into any kind of modifications for your house. Digital laminates score better than any other old fashioned resurfacing materials when it comes to expenditures. The traditional materials used for the resurfacing such as wood, marble, and granite are way too expensive. On the other hand, our laminates come with a lot cheaper price tag. Moreover, the installation and repair costs are also very less compared to other materials. They are scratch-resistant and quite long-lasting. The durability as well as the affordability of digital laminate sheets is the major reason for their increasing demand.

Quick installation

These high-pressure laminates are unbelievably simple to install. In fact, you can get the installation done all by yourself. Start by measuring the surface you want to alter. Then apply an adequate amount of glue to the back of the measured sheet of your choice. Then hold it straight from corner to corner and stick it onto the desired surface. After you have finished pasting the laminates, run a laminate roller or any other roller pin to smoothen out any undesired bumps. You may also consider hiring a professional to get the job done if you feel intimidated by the thought of a do-it-yourself project.

Hassle-free maintenance

Digital laminates require very low maintenance. They can withstand severe wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. It is very unlikely to get any permanent stain on such surfaces and is waterproof as well. Dusting now and then is enough to maintain the shine. Once in a while use a soft and damp cloth to clean the laminated surface. Hence, the cost of maintenance for decorative laminate sheets is very low compared to other materials. For example, wood needs to be varnished to keep the shine intact. Just make sure not to use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agent on it.

How do you put your creativity to good use with digital laminates?
Make a warm and welcoming waiting lounge

Every office has a well-decorated waiting lounge or reception area where the visitors get an inviting welcome. A reception is a place people encounter first at any office and the initial impression affects the idea of the business. Therefore, you must make sure that the decor reflects your taste. Our range of abstract laminates will surely provide you with the desired look for your office waiting area.

Create a relaxing and soothing ambiance within a spa

Spas and salons are the places where people go to unwind themselves. If you are currently owning spa services or planning to own one in the future, pay attention to decorating the space to set a proper mood.

Decorate your kid’s room

Use your imagination and create a fantasy land in your kid’s room. For this consider using landscape laminates. Choose some serene landscape portraits and use them to create a dreamland that your kids will love to visit. You can also go for their favourite fairy tale character and create a fairy tale land in their room. Get your desired character digitally printed and place them in your kid’s room.

Transform the walls of your room

The easiest way of transforming the walls of any house, office or commercial building is to laminate them. A solid colour or a simple patterned laminate is suitable for a small, compact space, whereas for a larger area you can play around with bold patterns and striking colours. Place them in contrast with white walls and minimalist furniture to make a statement and create an expensive-looking interior.

Mould your furniture to match the interior

The old fashioned wooden furniture may not go well with the newly made neon walls via plus pak packaging. The easiest way of transformation is to laminate them according to the colour scheme of your room. The way they will light up your entire space is definitely spectacular Read More

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