“The Raymond Mirra Early Life” Movie Review

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Raymond Mirra is one of the most beloved celebrities from the 70’s. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ray Mirra became a successful singer and actor in both the film and television industry. However, his real talent lay in being a good martial artist. He studied martial arts under both Charles Bronson and Bruce Lee. His skill as a boxer and kickboxer made him an instant star, and after a string of hits, Mirra was signed to MGM studios and given the chance to star in their latest movie, Saturday Night Fever.

After leaving the film industry, Raymond moved to California and worked with several well-known designers, most notably Don Ed Hardy. Hardy worked with Ray on several different projects including the TV series Kung Fu, The Mask, and then he went on to pen some of James Bond’s most memorable adventures. Eventually, he retired to teach martial arts in California, and even wrote a book on the subject. Sadly, though, Raymond did not live to see his book finished. On September 6th, 2021, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and in the days following his death, his fans and colleagues gathered to help him pay his last respects.

Ray Mirra

A book about his life -Raymond Mirra

A street fighter by the name of Raymond “Ray” Mirra was born in Brooklyn, New York City. Though he was just 5’4″, he was already a strong man by the time he was in school. His early fighting career began at the age of 16 when he was arrested for breaking and entering. From there, he rose through the ranks of the police force, the Navy, the Air Force, and finally to the position of police officer in New York City.

Mirra was extremely proud of his accomplishments in the police force, and even considered martial arts to be one of his strongest abilities. However, he always retained a genuine interest in teaching others. He also spent some time working as a teacher’s assistant in a martial arts studio. All of this is when he began to think about writing a book about his life. Finally, after some more research, he knew that it would be a good idea to put it into a manuscript format for publication.

Raymond began to write his memoir, entitled A CHANGED MAN, while he was still a police officer. The story was supposed to be based on his early years as an immigrant. However, he realized once he had completed the book that many of his memories were too mundane to read as a memoir. Therefore, he decided to turn it into a screenplay.

Main Characters

People who are inspired by the life of Raymond Mirra, should certainly look into this movie. One of the main characters, Nick Nolte, is well known among people who follow the MMA scene. Raymond is also well-known for challenging the best fighters in the world. ray is a very interesting character who overcame a life-threatening situation to achieve a career in the UFC. He has even achieved a black belt. If one of the greatest fighters of all time could have experienced a challenge, then it is quite possible that he, too, would have gone on to be one of the greatest in the UFC.

The movie itself is quite amazing. There are a lot of things that can be considered to be real life, but the way that some people interpret what they see on the screen is definitely different from reality. It is definitely possible that, if this movie was made while Raymond was still alive, he would have had a completely different opinion about what would be depicted on the screen.


No one really knows what life was like during the time of Raymond’s birth, except for him and his immediate family. However, most people can at least picture a rough sketch of what life would be like. This is definitely true for the people who have a deep belief about reincarnation, as it is possible to learn about past lives by studying people like Raymond Mirra. Even though we cannot know exactly how his life would have been after he passed away, just by reading the movie “The Raymond Mirra Early Life” a person can get a better idea of what that would be like.

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