The Terrifying Moving Delay

Moving Delay

When you’re relocating, the only thing you can count on is that you won’t be able to count on anything. Because the task has so many moving elements and so many players, anything may go wrong at some point. Many people preparing for a move meticulously prepare the front end of the move and expect that everything will be OK as the moving vehicles pull out of the driveway.

Some people are incorrect. Even the most well-planned moves with most dependable and reputable moving companies could hit an unexpected snag, causing your belongings to arrive at your new home a few days later than expected.

What Are the Common Causes of Moving Delays?

1)   The weather situation

It’s not quite the same zipping down the highway in a car as it is in a large truck. As a result, when the weather turns bad, truck drivers are the first to pull over and wait for things to calm down. This could range from a half-hour in a delay back to several days if an ice storm is on its way.

2)   Traffic and Road Conditions

Summertime is peak season for a variety of things, including road construction, highway vacationers, and traffic mishaps. Because highways are most congested in July and August, a little fender incident could cause traffic to back up for many miles. Transportation authorities schedule work and maintenance during the dry months, so check your route for construction delays and be prepared for something to happen that slows down the moving trucks—if they’re backed up and arrive in a major city during rush hour with several hours to go, they may have to stop for the night. Nobody wants to go across the highway with a tired crew; it’s not safe for everyone.

3)   The season

For many people, the summer is the most convenient period to relocate. Moving companies have limited resources, such as trucks and employees. That’s a perfect storm for the move to be delayed in the beginning—if your crew gets stuck in bad traffic, bad weather, or is working on a job ahead of yours, they may not be able to get to your house on time.

If the delay dominoes start to fall and have an impact on your move, your move coordinator will notify you and keep you updated as they discover more about the schedule.

4)   Logistical Issues

It’s not always as simple as you might think to get the moving trucks to your new front door. If you’re moving to a city with restricted parking, that big van might not be able to find a spot for several hours, forcing you to move your belongings into smaller vehicles that will fit easily on the street you are moving too. Similarly, if your new home is located on an unpaved, winding mountain road, a large moving truck will not be able to safely navigate it. Obtaining and reloading new moving vehicles will add time to the procedure.

How to Handle a Delay

Plan for a delay on both ends of your journey just to be safe. These are the steps you can take if it appears that your movers won’t arrive or deliver when they’re supposed to. To begin, rewire your mind to think “on time.”

Professional Perth movers inform you ahead of time that they will do their best to adhere to the planned schedules, but there is a window—as previously mentioned, circumstances change, and there is little that can be done when a weather event causes a twelve-car pile-up.

  • Notify your realtor that you may be delayed in
  • Allow for a couple of days of slack if you’re cancelling utility service—this isn’t the time to be without water or Wi-Fi.
  • If you’re boarding a dog or cat, inform the pup palace that you’ll require an extra day or perhaps
  • If you arrive first, book a motel in your new town, or bring sleeping bags and camp
  • Last-minute leftovers can be sold or
  • There will be items that you simply do not want to move, despite your meticulous purging. Many non-profits will accept everything you’re contributing.  There are a plethora of platforms for online sale, ranging from well-known eBay to neighborhood-specific sites. Aside from the aforementioned considerations, hiring an environmentally conscious moving company in Perth is critical. As a result, you shouldn’t be shy about asking professional movers what they’re doing to reduce their carbon footprint.

Adaptability is key to coping with any move. So if you plan for what may or may not go as planned. You’ll be much less likely to have a meltdown when it does.

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