The Top Rated iPad Pro Case for 2022

You’ve invested in your iPad Pro, and it was a sizable investment. Now you need to invest in a protective case that will protect its body. You want more protection than the official folio case you get from Apple. And that’s what we share with you in this article. Meet the iPad Pro cases from Zugu Case! The market for protective cases for the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 is small, but one that stands out from the rest is the Zugu Case. Zugu Case offers an iPad Pro case 11 and an iPad Pro case 12.9. They are currently the top rated iPad Pro Case on Amazon.  Buy Now top rated iPad pro case from the zugucase.

About Zugu Top Rated IPad Case

Zugu Case is a family-owned and operated company and has been in operation since 2010. The company has sold over 1 million cases and has over 90% 5-star reviews on Amazon. They pride themselves in always introducing quality products to the market, and the reviews reflect this. Founder, Tim Angel, launched Zugu Case out of frustration with the lack of cases for the iPad back in 2010. Along with his team, he has focused on making iPad cases so that are as close to perfect as possible. Their products are tested with real iPad devices to ensure they work the way they are supposed to.

About the Products

Zugu Case offers a variety of cases, one for every situation. Their cases offer full 360-degree protection, so you can use your iPad to its fullest potential. With a thin silhouette, you can still enjoy the sleek design of your iPad without worrying about dropping your devices. One feature so that sets their cases apart is their magnetic abilities. This takes hands-free operation to a whole new level.  Highly functional, the iPad pro cases from Zugu Case offer the most viewing angles we’ve seen. You can have your iPad set up at 8 different angles. In addition to the ability to mount magnetically to any metallic surface. Not only does the case protect the iPad, it also holds the pencil and has charging and syncing capabilities. The pencil slot is made with elastic to ensure the security of the pencil while keeping it easily accessible.

The Zugu iPad Pro case 12.9 prioritizes functionality and also prioritizes durability. Made with polycarbonate, the shell and bumper are durable. These stability-enhancing elements are use in all Zugu’s cases to protect devices from 5-foot drops on hard surfaces. This gives you the peace of mind you need every time you are in a rush or when you have to share your device with those little humans.

On the interior of the case, you will find a soft microfiber surface complete with appropriately placed airflow vents to ensure you never have to worry about your device overheating.

The Zugu Top Rated iPad Pro Case 11

The iPad Pro Case 11 is compatible with the Generation 2 and 3 models of 2020 and 2021. You can find out more about compatibility, including specific models, on Zugu Case’s’s website. The case is complete with an adjustable magnetic stand offering 8 angles for positioning your device.

Built with a rugged Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) shell, complete with a robust bumper. These cases offer major drop protection. The interior features soft microfiber with air flow vents to keep your device cool. Mount your device on any metallic surface, giving yourself more freedom with hands-free use.

The Zugu iPad Pro Case 12.9

High functioning and aesthetically pleasing, the iPad Pro Case 12.9 from Zugu Case takes your iPad to the next level. This case is compatible with Generation 5 models from 2021. A list of all compatible models can found on Zugu Case’s website.  This case has all the premium features you can expect from Zugu Case. The case is made with a TPU and PC shell, a high-quality bumper and a microfiber material on the inside to keep your device cushioned. Included air flow vents keep your device cool, and auto sleep and wake cycles help conserve battery life. Your pencil has its own little pocket where it syncs and charges while remaining easily accessible thanks to its elastic nature.

Both these cases made with the highest level of detail. The brand currently offers more than 12 iPad cases and also offers screen protectors, as well as their very own Muse Stylus. When you purchase from Zugu Case. You enjoy great after-sales service, including a 60-day risk-free trial, 2-year warranty, all accompanied by free shipping! In addition to so that, if you are an AppleCare+ member and your device gets damaged while housed in a Zugu case. They will cover the associated repair costs.

When you purchase a Zugu iPad Pro case 11 or an iPad Pro case 12.9 or any of the cases from Zugu, you are certain to get a high-quality product. A top rated iPad Pro case so that comes with top-of-line after-sales service. 10% of all profits donated to charities, including Children International. This is a humanitarian organization with the aim of breaking the poverty cycle through empowerment, education, and employment.

Where to find The Zugu Case

You can find the Zugu cases online at as well as at major retailers including Amazon. BestBuy and Walmart to name a few.  Do you need an iPad Pro case for your iPad 11 or 12.9 devices? Do you have another type of Apple device that needs a protective case? Zugu Case has you covered with their line of iPad cases so that is a cut above the rest. Invest in a Zugu case, you won’t regret your purchase. Highly functional, these cases don’t hide their true capabilities. They offer functionality and durability in a sleek design that helps you enjoy your device’s streamlined look and feel. Get Now the Zugu Case iPad Pro case 11 or the iPad Pro case 12 now at

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