Things to Consider When Buying Kurtas for Men

The time of the year has come when weddings are in full swing! The good thing is that this year Covid-19 has somewhat settled down and people are anxious to start the celebrations again. They are in the mood to party like crazy because it has been a long time being indoors and in socially distanced gatherings. With weddings and parties happening now everyone is looking forward to enjoying the festivals wanting to dress up their best on these happy occasions.

Deciding What You Want

For those of you who are confused about how to select a suitable dress for formal events we have some tips to help you go about it. So how about finding an ethnic kurta for a function because that is what is trending and is just the apt choice for our festivals. Start checking out men’s clothing stores now! 

Now you can get many attractive choices in men’s clothing. All you need to do is explore a little for the men’s winter fashion and see what suits you. And if you like any stylish cut, fabric or color just add it to the cart without thinking twice because a kurta is a necessary addition for the festive season.

Choose Your Style

The style you choose for your kurta will depend on whether you want a formal look or a casual one.  In the casual dress for men category,  the choice is easy to make as compared to picking a formal style.

When it comes to the traditional dress for men like kurtas, they are available in modern and old-fashioned cuts. Check the new arrivals and winter wear for men by Sapphire to see the new designs they have unveiled. You can go for a straight kurta with loop buttons and simple cuts or pick the traditional style adorned with embroideries and intricate patterns on cuffs or neck bands. You can also find printed and textured kurtas if you want something interesting and elegant. 

While some men prefer bright colored kurtas with white shalwars, some like 2 piece suits in one color, so both the options are available for you. In men’s winter clothing collections you will find cotton, wash & wear suits, beige kurta shalwar and much more. 

Fabric Matters

Choosing the right kind of fabric for the winter season is important. In winter clothes for men, this year, you can find quite a mix of premium fabrics from 100% fine cotton to cotton jacquard, poly viscose blended fabric and poly viscose -textured blended fabric. Don’t miss out on the blended yarn-dyed slub T fabric, wash & wear, Egyptian cotton fabric, cotton digital printed fabric and more. 

Colors for All Occasions

When it comes to color, what you choose in gents dress depends on your personal preference and the occasion too. Some men like to stick to safe color choices like navy blue, dark blue, bluish grey, Aegean blue and shades of camel colors. Light grey, charcoal, chocolate and black always looks sophisticated.  You can also go for the classic crisp white or butter white that is a must-have for any season. The trending colors also include bronze, light and dark mauve, light olive green,deep maroon, teal green and more.

Embroideries for the Festive Touch

On festive occasions, you can select kurtas with a bit of intricate embroideries that can add an element of interest to the entire outfit. Find delicate and neat embroideries on the band neck and placket or contrast detailing on cuff, neck band and placket. You can also check kurtas with neat pleats on the front panel and sleek embroidery with cuffs detaching. 

Pair with the Right Bottoms

After getting a kurta it is important to find the right bottoms that will complete your winter outfit. At the men’s clothing online stores, you can check the range of trousers, shalwar or pyjamas. The white, off-white trousers, shalwars and pyjamas work with kurtas of all colors.

You Want Ready to Wear or Want to Explore Unstitched Clothing for Men?

This is the most crucial thing to consider when buying kurta because it will change the way you shop. If you are short on time just pick your preferred style from the ready made men’s designer clothes

On the other hand, some men want to stick to unstitched fabric and like to have them tailored the way they want. You can pick from Egyptian cotton dobby 2 piece suits, wash and wear that has wrinkle-kess properties and a sophisticated drape, cotton slub suit that flaunts a rich vintage look and feels comfortable. Have it tailored into men’s dress shirts or a kurta, that choice rests with you.

Add a Layer of Style

In men’s fashion clothing, waistcoats are quite popular. If your winter shirts for men look too simple then how about topping them with a nice waistcoat or a shawl to make them more trendy and attractive. You can top your kurtas with elegant waistcoats to give your outfit a more ethnic feel. 

Check the exclusive variety of viscose linen waistcoats that can complement your eastern look. The cotton dobby waistcoats also give a very polished look. Go with them if you want a formal look and feel comfortable in it.

If you know what you want then online shopping for men can be a breeze. Go to Sapphire, so you can count on quality fabrics and in terms of style, color and size you just need to know what you want. 

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