Things To Know About New Zealand: An Overview


New Zealand is an outstanding study abroad destination. The country features an exemplary education system and provides marvelous education to foreign students. Although is it worth studying at Kiwi higher education institutions? What is the cost of studying at these incredible academic institutions? So, to answer all your questions today we are sharing with you all the things that you must know about New Zealand.

Things To Know About New Zealand:

Why New Zealand?

  • The country features various higher education institutions like universities, colleges, polytechnic colleges, etc.
  • Also, the country has only eight universities, and all of them rank high in QS World University Rankings
  • The education system of the country holds 16 positions in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. To learn about the Kiwi higher education system in detail feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi for New Zealand.
  • Indeed, the academic institutions of the country encourage students to find unique ideas and solutions.
  • NZQF ensures that the academic institutions of New Zealand provide top-notch education to foreign students.

Education System

The education model of the country gives equal emphasis to both bookish as well as practical knowledge. Moreover, all the higher education institutions in the country are managed by NZQF. NZQF ensures that Kiwi academic institutions only provide quality training in the country. In addition, Kiwi colleges offer several amazing academic programs/courses to their students. Here are some of the most popular courses that you can study at Kiwi academic institutions:

  • Animation
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • IT
  • Hospitality and Tourism, etc.

Intakes in Kiwi Universities

In short, in general, there are two intakes in Kiwi academic institutions:

  • February to June
  • July to November

Scholarships in the Country

Also, a lot of scholarships are available for foreign students at different levels of education in the county. The government and Kiwi universities themselves offer several scholarships to deserving foreign students. However, to become eligible for these scholarships foreign students must have an exemplary academic record. Moreover, here are some of the popular scholarships for which you can apply if you wish to study in New Zealand:

  • Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship
  • H. T. Bates Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Tongarewa Scholarship
  • Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship, etc.

Cost of Education/Accommodation

The cost of higher education is not that high at Kiwi academic institutions. Furthermore, on average you may need to pay around NZD 19,000 to NZD 41,000 to study in the country. But this cost can vary depending on the Kiwi college and course that you choose for studying. Moreover, if we talk about accommodation options then Kiwi universities provide various cheap accommodation options to students. On average you will need around NZD 15,000 annually to pay for on-campus accommodation in the country. However, if you decide to go for off-campus accommodation then you may have to pay hefty money for it.

Student Visa

Students who wish to study in New Zealand must get a student visa. Although, you can apply for the visa online or via the New Zealand embassy. Once you get the visa you can stay in the county for 4 years. Additionally, the student visa also gives students the option to work for 20 hours a week in the country. Furthermore, to apply for the study permit in New Zealand you will need to pay around 330 NZD.

Documents for Student Visa

Hence, here are the different documents that you must keep ready when applying for a student visa to New Zealand:

  • Valid passport
  • Student visa application form
  • Application fee payment receipt
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Health insurance receipt
  • Character certificate
  • Photographs
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • TOEFL/IELTS score card
  • Proof of funds, etc.

Post Study Work Visa

Foreign students who study at Kiwi colleges/schools can apply for a post-study work visa after graduation. The post-work visa allows foreign students to remain in the country for three years. In fact, they can also apply for a full-time job in the country. Amazing, right?  To learn about the perquisites for the post-study work visa of the country feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in Gurgaon for New Zealand.


Now you know all the things that you must know about studying in New Zealand. So, carefully go through all these things if you are someone who is thinking to pursue his studies at a Kiwi university. Therefore, this will ensure that you don’t end up making the wrong decision regarding your studies and professional career.


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