Things You Need To Know About Web3

Many businesses are now looking to hire Web3 developers with experience in cryptocurrency as the blockchain ecosystem has experienced unprecedented growth. The precise technical skillset to look for in these engineers as well as the best places to find them are covered in this guide. Dramatic changes are being made to the web. Web3, a new version of the internet that is quickly growing in size and popularity, is one of the most recent changes. Hire best Web3 development company for best results.

It’s difficult to find Web3 engineers because the concept is still relatively new. The developers who are mastering this new web technology are primarily blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This web technology is destined to transform the internet in ways that we do not yet fully understand.


Web3: What is it?


Web3 is based on peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized networks like blockchain, as opposed to its forerunners Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

Blockchain is a crucial component of cryptocurrencies, and Web3 is the end result of both. Instead of being restricted to a single cloud server, Web3 developers create apps that are distributed on a blockchain or decentralized P2P network that is not under the control of a single entity.

In plainer terms, Web3 operates in a manner akin to that of the majority of cryptocurrencies built on the model of Bitcoin.

What distinguishes this from the current Web 2.0? Although Web 2.0 is user-centric (the majority of the content is user-generated), Web3 has advanced this strategy by adding more autonomy and maintaining a more open and relatable environment. In Web3, computers play a significant role in the interpretation of data from a human perspective.


How Web3 Different From Web2


Web3 differs from Web 2.0 in many other ways as well, including by being verifiable, self-governing, permissionless, distributed, stateless, and having integrated payment systems (cryptocurrency).

Web 2.0 contains an excessive amount of content and information, the majority of which isn’t useful for general users due to the lack of transparency and verification. Its security is also lacking, which accounts for the excessive number of hackers, as well as the sharp rise in identity theft and other cybercrimes.

Any application created using Web3 would be created and owned by the users. Who would also contribute to its upkeep and development, thereby increasing their ownership stake. This is simply how Bitcoin works, with miners of the cryptocurrency receiving Bitcoins in exchange for facilitating transactions with their computing power.

The term “dApps,” which stands for “decentralized applications,” is used to refer to the apps on Web3. In the near future, you can anticipate hearing this phrase more frequently.

An efficient Web3 developer is one who is knowledgeable about Web3, skilled in the pertinent programming languages, and equipped with the appropriate tech stack to support their development work.

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Where Can I Find Developers for Web3?


Knowing where to find the top talent for this particular set of skills can significantly shorten your search time whether you’re looking to hire Web3 developers for a long-term project or a small gig.

Similar to the early days of cryptocurrency, Web3 is inspiring impressive innovation. It’s a great chance to participate in the blockchain ecosystem and shape the web’s future.

It’s probably easiest to hire remote developers unless you reside in a tech hub where you can find talent locally. These are the locations where you can locate these Web3 engineers and developers


Job Boards for Bitcoin


Even when discussing something as innovative as Web3, you might find the traditional method of searching job boards to be quite practical. But you should pick a job board recognized for housing blockchain and cryptocurrency developers.

There are numerous websites dedicated solely to recruiting for jobs in the cryptocurrency industry. By advertising the position on multiple of these platforms, you can improve your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

The most well-known online job boards for the cryptocurrency industry are Crypto Jobs List, CryptoJobs, and Angel. Other, more broad job sites include and Indeed.




In addition to being a job board, LinkedIn is a social media site. Here is where many startups start their search for talent.

You can advertise Web3 development jobs on LinkedIn. Even you can also browse prospective employees’ profiles to look for professionals with experience. Worker skills, experience, and education are displayed in profiles. If you find someone you like, you can get in touch with them right away via the website or mobile app.

LinkedIn is a great resource for finding developers, but it’s also a great place to advertise your company, especially if you’re looking for funding. It provides chances to showcase the talent you’ve hired, enhancing the value of your business.


Markets for Talent


Online talent exchanges are still a good choice when looking for Web3 developers. You must first identify the precise type of employee you require because these frequently employ both freelancers and remote workers.

Do you desire a long-term team member? Do you need a freelancer with a contract? These are significant factors. For long-distance collaboration, for instance, you’d probably prefer the developer to work for the business.

If you can find a freelance developer who fits your needs and is available, there is nothing wrong with choosing them. However, Suffescom is a great place to start if you’re looking to integrate developers into your team and hire them on a permanent basis. You’ll be put in touch with elite remote workers. Who have expertise in Web3 engineering, development, or whatever other technology you require to expand your company.

One of the biggest advantages of using Suffescom is that the developers have been pre-screened, so you’ll get the knowledge and experience they list on their profile. Therefore, you can continue with the interviewing process without having to confirm their experience.


Web3 Coding Issues


Whatever the candidate claims to have experienced or how well the interview went, it all comes down to their skill.

You should run a few quick coding challenges to gauge and verify their level of proficiency in Web3 development. These can use to explain the assignment’s purpose to candidates either orally or through video presentations. Unless you intend to pay them for their time, the task shouldn’t take more than an hour.

If you’re hiring a developer to complete various coding tasks. You should create various coding challenges, each of which addresses a different requirement of your project. For instance, you might create nodes, write smart contracts, or develop the front end of a Web3 application.

Pair programming is another well-liked method for solving coding problems. Two developers collaborate on a challenge in these tests, either locally or remotely. This is a fantastic opportunity to gauge both their technical and teamwork abilities. However, neither of the developers would write the code. While the other would actually write the code, one would define the approach. For a second test, switch the roles.


Here are some pointers for creating coding problems:

Use issues that are relevant to your project. You want to see the programmers at work on your application. To see how the candidate might help your team, you should take a challenge that is related to your project and present it to them.

Prioritize the process over the outcome. Don’t just look at whether they were successful in solving the problem when analyzing the coding challenge results. Their findings can help you understand how they function and whether they have the potential to learn more, even if they didn’t quite find the answer.

Use the identical challenge. Utilize the same coding challenge for every job posting to compare candidates. However, once you’ve hired someone successfully, don’t use the test again.

starting from scratch It is best to design the challenge yourself using a genuine project-related issue. The results of pre-designed coding tests might not be the best, and frequently. The solutions available online, defeating the purpose of testing. If you’re not a developer yourself, think about asking your current developers to write these tests for you, particularly the testers.



If you look in the right places, conduct the interviews well, and create a strong coding test, hiring Web3 developers is not difficult. You can always train a candidate, even if you think they lack experience. They ought to be motivated to learn more, though.

By introducing some of the top developers from Latin America to join your team and advance your Web3 project,  Suffescom can help you with your talent acquisition challenges. Get match with vetted developers within 3 days by contacting us.

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