Delhi is a buzzing international metropolis and also being the heart of India, there are lots of people who shift to or within Delhi every day. For its residents, moving places is not a new thing as it is a big city and people have to change their homes according to their jobs or other work. It becomes really hectic to do all the work ourselves which demands the need of movers and packers Delhi.

But there is a crowd of the moving companies in the city as professional or not, everyone is in the business. How do you know if the company you’re going for is reliable or not? Or how do you choose a particular company that is most suitable for you? Don’t worry! Here are some tips that might help you choose the right movers and packers.

Background research

Background research about anything is really important when we are about to do things that we do not know about. Look for different moving companies near you and get an average idea of how they might help you in relocating your place. Go through their websites and list down all the services they’ll be providing you. Match your requirements accordingly and see what companies will be helpful. Shortlist accordingly and make a list for your further actions. Check if the shortlisted companies are genuine or fake as there are many unregistered companies working in Delhi NCR. You would not want to get into any sort of trouble while shifting your home.

Get quotation

When you’ve shortlisted your moving companies, ask for a quotation from at least 3-5 companies to get a better idea of their charges. Compare those quotations and see which one will be cost-effective for you. If you like a particular company and is out of your budget then you can also take these quotations as an advantage in front of them for negotiations.

Low budget is not a problem

If you are low on budget or want better deals than what you’re getting then you should compare the deals you’re getting from other companies and can reduce your cost-effectively by taking a number of steps.

  • You can be flexible with dates such as you might move during the offseason, weekdays, or middle of the month.
  • Book movers and packers early to get good offers.
  • Be flexible with your time of day.
  • Reduce your heavy and unnecessary luggage.
  • Cut some value-added services and the things that you might do yourselves.

Do not get attracted by low-cost offers

Many companies will try to entice you with low-cost offers and discounts and they might get you into a trap. They may include some hidden costs for additional services that will be demanded in later stages.

Check for the license

When you have selected the moving company you want to go with, check for their license if it is valid or if it is current or not. A reputed and recognized company will provide you with documentation as proof to ensure the validity of their organization. The documents might be their license number, service tax details, personal identification, etc. Verifying these documents will let you know if the company is genuine or not.

Go through their reviews

Never trust what the company is saying, they do all the advertising to entice the customers for the things that they don’t provide services for. Reviews have become the front to the reputation of any company. You can always go through reviews of your moving company to know what their customers think of them. Compare their reviews with those of their rival or other companies in a similar forte. You can also ask the company for their references and you can always cross-check with them to know their reliable services.

Check their contact details

It is very important to keep a record of the alternative contact details such as email, phone numbers, etc. of the moving company you are going for and their related people in case of any discrepancies and to avoid last-minute problems in your moving and packing. You should always cross-check for their address proof if the company is genuine or not. Know the number of years they have been doing business from the location for the confirmation of the authenticity as the people should have experience of conducting relocation in the local region of Delhi NCR.

Know about their packing, loading, and unloading process

Packaging materials that the company will be using should be a right fit for your stuff. Always check with them if they are flexible according to your choices or not. The materials they are using should be new and crisp for better protection of your luggage. You must ask them who will be dealing with your stuff as the people should be professionals in their field who knows how to properly pack, load, and unload your items according to their fragility.


Most of the time we forget how important it is to know how safe your luggage will be in the hands of people that are handling them. You should know what type of insurance they will be provided to you in case of any damage or loss happens to your items during the move. If they don’t provide the particular license needed by you then you must ask them if they can provide it from other sources or not.

Payment terms

When you are finalizing everything, you should know their quotation breakdown what all they are charging you for, and if those services are really necessary to you. You should be clear with all the charges to avoid any disputes in later stages. There are certain value-added extra services that you might not need and you may always ask them to remove those services for you. You must also know if there are any miscellaneous packers and movers charges and hidden costs. You must also know if the estimate they are providing to you is a binding or non-binding estimate. It is advised to never fully pay to have an assurance of their services.

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