Tips to Make An Educated Guess While Buying Patchwork Quilts Bedspreads

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Patchwork quilts believed to be 5000 years old. In the past various fabric pieces were sewn together in various patterns to create beautiful designs, and all the work was done by hand. But at present, patchwork quilts have evolved a lot and got much better. They are gaining popularity as ancient pieces of bedding crafted with modern fabric and designed according to trends. Nowadays, functionality is also kept in view while choosing the fabric patches for quilts. For example, the heavy and thick fabric is stitched within a layer of padded material for the ceiling to keep the body warm.

 If the quilt size is bigger, the same design is repeated with bright, colorful patches multiple times, and for smaller ones, only a bigger patchwork fabric piece is used. There is a wide range in buying them, which confuses the user, making the buying process an overwhelming task. Therefore, in this article, we aim to provide you with some basic tips and tricks to help you make an educated guess when you go to buy them.

Determine the Purpose 

The first step is to determine their purpose; whether you will use them for bedding, decoration, gift, or to add an artistic accent to the place. Because of their purpose, their characteristics such as design, colour scheme, and quality will vary. Some people use them to commemorate special occasions, and snake farms are more special, while others due to them just like & common bedding elements.

Know the Construction 

It is very important to know what you are paying for, and in the case of the patchwork quilt, it is their construction. Even now, some manufacturers use the traditional approach (sew different pieces together with hands), which costs more because of more labor hours. However, manufactured modern quilts by using machines. ImperialRoom produced massively, which reduces labor hours and ultimately their cost. If you are looking for something that can withstand the calamities of time, we recommend you go for a modern quilt with quality stitching.


What’s inside also matters when it comes to buying quilts and duvets. Usually filled with a natural or synthetic material that directly influences the thermal insulation and decides how your body will react while you sleep under them. It is quite probable that your body may be prone to some filling materials so choose wisely. Here are some common materials with their features. Figure out which suits your body type. 

Down & feathers: Both materials are obtained from ducks or goose. They are lightweight thermal insulators and reduce sweating. When compared down is lighter in weight & offers more comfort. 

Wool: it is also warm and thermally insulating. Wool regulates the body temperature and maintains humidity providing the user with the perfect sleeping environment according to their sleeping habits. This material is not suitable for those suffering from allergies.

Cotton: it is another white material that keeps the body warm and dry during the night, helping the user sleep comfortably. It keeps the body cold when it’s summer & warm when it’s winter. Moreover, it is machine washable, durable, and suitable for people suffering from allergies. 

Synthetic materials: They include hollow fiber and microfiber. Both of these materials are lightweight, thermal insulators, breathable, & suitable for those having any respiratory disorder or allergies. Microfiber mimics the characteristics of down & is therefore considered its affordable alternative. 

Quilt Size

Quilts come in all standard sizes, from single to California king. There is a misconception that one should buy a quilt of the same size as that of his bed or mattress; But the key to successful and cozy bedding is buying one larger size. For instance, if you have a double bed, buy a king-size. Below are the standard sizes to help you know which size you need. Dressing your bed with the finest bedspread is a sure way to make your bedroom seem absolutely stunning. For you, Imperial Rooms’ premium quilted bedspread sets have a special appeal because of the extra warmth and comfort they provide. Luxe comforter bedding sets  supposed to sit atop your bed as bed throws, but when layered properly. will put together the whole room creating a picture-perfect hotel bedroom look.

Baby beds: 36” X 54”

Single: 56” X 100”

Double: 70” cm X 100”

Queen: 76” X 104”

King size: 92” cm X 104”

California king size:  100” X 117”.

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