Top 10 Hairstyles & Hair Color Ideas 2021

Want to change your hairstyle? What could be better than a new hair color to start a change in life or to give a facelift to your face or look? This article will provide you with ten hair color trends that are sweeping through the season, autumn-winter.

Mokka brown: for brilliant highlights

Warm undertones are prevalent this season. Mokka brown gives shiny HAIR HIGHLIGHTS. And good news, it’s suitable for everyone, although it’s easier to do on brown strands. Hazelnut? Copper? What are you going to ask your colorist?

Undercover color: in the two-tone trend

Dua Lipa started this fashion with her well-known hair experience. This two-tone coloring trend allows for all the extravagances. It is a question of coloring only the visible hair or, conversely, only the hidden ones. This type of coloring is suitable for all people with medium to long hair and goes perfectly with party hairstyles. So, it is important to choose the best Hair color salon in Dubai.

Ash pink blonde: “ready to powder.”

We admit it to you; it is not the easiest blond to wear. Out of fashion for several years, the ashy pink blonde is back in the spotlight. For who? People with fair skin and a perfect complexion. Indeed, this shade could accentuate a slightly cloudy face; it would be a shame!

Jet black: the big comeback in 2021 hair color trends

Slight bluish reflections sometimes accompany this very marked color. It can be worn on long or short hair, with bangs, an afro hairstyle, or even slicked-back hair. Be sure to maintain your roots well so as not to fade the color too quickly.

The smoky hair: the smoky eye of the hairstyle

This trend inspired by the smoky eye can take on various shades. Sober and nuanced, it creates a fade of color starting from the natural color of the hair. Other darker shades are integrated into fine strands like those of a BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR to bring a smoky effect.

Gray or silver reflections: anti-conformism

It is the coloring that breaks the stereotypes par excellence. Natural gray hair, blond gray, ash gray, or just a few touches of silver highlights, gray is on the front of the stage. Women of all ages proudly adopt gray hair, long regarded as a symbol of “letting go.” The proof? Lady Gaga, like Daenerys Targaryen or Erin O’Connor, already adopted him.

Exposed roots: top hair color trends for 2021

A trend that fits perfectly with the topicality of multiple confinements: the apparent roots are surfacing. Spotted on singer Billie Eilish, the evident roots will hit the mark in 2021. The principle? The ROOT COLOR/ROOT TOUCH UP is applied just a few inches from the roots as for an inverted tie and dye. This is the ideal technique to try if you don’t want to commit to all-over color.

Caramel sweep: for soft highlights

Spotted on Beyoncé, this coloring with warm reflections is very popular in Ladies hair salon in Dubai. It is ideal for people with brown or chestnut hair. Note that a sweep, to stay luminous, requires several hair treatments. Shampoo for colored hair and a suitable mask may be recommended to you by your hairdresser.

Platinum: the timeless

It’s a great classic, but it still has its effect. Here it is more of a discoloration followed by coloring. The fiber is made much lighter than it is naturally. While this trend is suitable for blonde and brown hair, it can damage dark hair. In this case, it is imperative to seek the advice of an expert. It also requires maintenance. A touch-up every 4 to 6 weeks and the use of an anti-yellowing shampoo are essential in order not to tarnish your hairstyle.

Ombre Hair: yes, but nuanced

Unbeatable, the OMBRE HAIR COLOR allows a gradual lightening of the ends by using several shades from the roots to the lengths to at least 3. This trend is accessible to all hair colors; your hairdresser will tell you which shades it is best to apply to the lengths for a natural look.

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