Top 10 Kids Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Princesses, fairies, and mermaids, I’m sure you all have images of girls’ parties that are all glitter and glam but is that actually the case? Do girls care solely about Princesses, Fairies, and Mermaids, or does their desire for exploration and creativity play a role? Well, keep reading to find out. We are pleased to offer our list of the ten most popular birthday party themes for girls, and we hope that this list will assist you in planning your child’s birthday party. Here are some ideas for beautiful girls birthday party themes that have proved to be popular with our clients.

Theme of Cinderella

As you would expect, we start with a princess. In tenth place, we have our lovely Cinderella in her gorgeous blue gown, surrounded by all of her animal companions. Cinderella is a wonderful theme for a girl’s party, and you may wish to combine it with hiring a Cinderella character. This theme has a plethora of party materials and accessories available. Check at the tiaras, they’re gorgeous, and the goodie bags for the visitors to take home are very popular. The sticker sheets, as well as the Cinderella tattoo pages, fit well within the prize bags. Make an effort with the birthday cake, transforming it into a fantasy castle, and you will have a very happy girl.

The theme for Curious George

Curious George, our 9th most popular party theme, is a mischievous yet adorable and entertaining monkey that is always on the lookout for new adventures. Younger children, both girls and boys, like this monkey, and there is a wide range of party materials available, more than enough to have a great preschooler birthday thanksgiving party. In addition to the cups, plates, and napkins, there are invites, decorations, games, stickers, and a plethora of other extras. Because the colors in this theme are very basic, you might try mixing it with simple colored themes, such as red, green, blue, or a combination of colors. Keep an eye out for the wonderful bubble bath monkeys; they make an excellent addition to the prize bag for this theme.

Theme: Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake and her pals are the ideal subjects for daring young ladies. These ladies have been around for a long, but their popularity skyrocketed with their relaunch in 2009. This theme’s cups, plates, and napkins are bright and colorful, so if you arrange your party space with some very beautiful balloons and hanging decorations, your party will look amazing. Fill your prize bags with some very beautiful sticker sheets, tattoos, and the like, and have a look at the cupcake decorations, which look stunning on top of cupcakes. Your Strawberry Shortcake party will be a smashing success with your homemade cupcakes and party décor.

Little Mermaid Theme of Ariel

Mysterious mermaids have long piqued the imaginations of young girls and have inspired a great deal of childhood enchantment in households throughout the years. Ariel, the tiny mermaid, has, of course, made significant contributions to this, as have her supportive companions Sebastian and Flounder. If you want a party theme with a plethora of accessories, this is one of them.

Again, you can buy some beautiful looking Ariel tiaras that are a wonderful take-home present in and of itself, and the various balloons and decorations are also worth mentioning since they look nice throughout the party area. Check out the cake pan and the edible cake picture; you can try to create a cake in the form of lovely Ariel’s head, or you can take the safe route and make a conventional circular cake with the edible cake image on top. Whatever you decide, I believe Ariel is a fantastic theme for any girl’s birthday party.

Princess Theme for a Birthday

The Birthday Princess theme is our sixth most popular. Choosing a Birthday Princess theme for your party opens you to a world of options. You may mix and match as you want with accessories and trinkets from a variety of themes and partyware from simple colored themes. Just keep pink and purple to a minimum, or you may get in trouble with your own young princess. Try the Kiss the Frog party game, which seems to be a lot of fun, and stuff your prize bags with bubble bath unicorns or princesses. With the assistance of this theme, combine your and your children’s imaginations with a little handcraft to make a successful and enjoyable party.

Tinker Bell Theme from Disney Fairies

Tinker Bell, or just Tink, is the well-known fairy from the 1950s film Peter Pan. She has been a girl’s favorite ever since, but she and her fairy companions acquired even more popularity in the mid-2000s with the publication of a series of books and movies as part of the Disney Fairies brand. Of course, fairies have become a popular girl’s birthday party theme, and if you search around, you can find some pretty cool party supplies and accessories to spice up your party. Get some of the wonderful prize bag fillers that are available in this motif, as well as the balloons and hanging ornaments. There’s green body glitter, tattoos, pencils, erasers, and rings, all of the things that young girl love.

Theme of Fairies

The Fairies theme includes garden fairies, fairy princesses, and fairy parties. Choosing a Fairies theme for your birthday party is a less generic (or, at the very least, non-Disney) way to having a Fairy themed party. There are many accessories and decorations available when utilizing this theme since you can simply mix and match items from other themes with this one to give your own unique touch. Keep a lookout for latex and frosted balloons, which make excellent party decorations. Again, beautiful tiaras make a wonderful present to take home as well as to wear during the party, and there are lots of loot bag fillers for your guests. You may also buy some beautiful butterfly or fairy candles in candles boxes for your birthday cake, and topping it with these would make your birthday lady happy.

The theme for Disney Princesses

Another Disney brand, Disney Princess, comes in the third position. Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Mulan, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas are the current members of the group, and it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Princesses are an excellent option for a birthday party theme, and all of the party supplies and accessories in this theme are quite attractive. Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Jasmine are the most prominent characters, dressed in their beautiful gowns, although Arielle and Aurora also play important roles. Again, I suggest the beautiful tiaras, as well as the decorations and balloons. This theme may easily be combined with a simple color theme if you select pink, purple, or any pastel color that corresponds to your favorite princess.

Theme Based on Minnie Mouse

We’re not through with Disney yet; in second place comes the lovely Minnie Mouse. You can never have too much Minnie Mouse; I still adore her as an adult, and all three of my children do as well. She is just too adorable to hide, and her fame is growing all over the globe. You can buy a variety of very beautiful Minnie theme decorations and accessories, such as balloons, banners, backdrops, and hanging ornaments. I’ll mention the headgear again; the Minnie Mouse headbands are really beautiful and make a great take-home gift for the visitors. The little treat bags are also quite lovely, and you can buy some fancy stickers, pencils, and other items. The Minnie Mouse motif is a sure guarantee that will bring smiles to all of the children’s faces.

The theme for Dora the Explorer

And first and foremost is the already famous Dora the Explorer. Young girls love this adventurous multilingual girl who goes on all these amazing adventures with her monkey buddy, Boots, and all of her other animal pals. And you can’t hold it against them. When my daughters were younger, none of them could stay away from the television, and even I was content to sit and watch the activity. Dora is available in three theme designs: Dora and Friends, Dora Star-catcher, and Dora Fairytale. We’ve merged all of them into Dora, but I don’t believe some of them aren’t well-known.

No, they’re all about as popular as each other. When you opt with the Dora party theme, you will have lots of loot bag fillers and decorations to pick from, but the Dora cake-tin is really exciting since you get to create your very own Dora. If you lack excitement, you may make do with a little less work and just acquire the edible cake picture to place on top of your cake. If you make the cake correctly, you will be the hero of the day, at least in your own opinion.

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