Top 10 Ways Social Media Can Help You Find Your Next Job

Many falsely believe that social media is a pure waste of one’s valuable time. But, that is not the case, at least not anymore. If you can get past the trap of mindless scrolling, you will uncover a whole new world of opportunities. Thanks to social media, you’re always just a few clicks away from discovering and landing your dream job. It is just about playing your cards right and grabbing the perfect job opportunity when it presents itself. Though it may sound very simple, finding a job opportunity through social media is an art in itself. So, take out your pen and get ready to take some notes, because we present to you.

List of 10 ways social media can help you during your job search:

1)      Create an Online CV/ Portfolio

This is the first and the most crucial step of your job search. Creating an online portfolio, website or social media page will allow you to direct potential employers to your best work and qualifications. Make sure that your page reflects your best side and reflects all your work experience and qualifications. Don’t be afraid of putting in your extracurricular interests and achievements. These only add to the profile and give the employer a glimpse into your personality outside of work.

2)      Professional Networking Platforms

Linkedin and Twitter are the best places to looking for jobs in USA. Most employers use these platforms to look for applicants. Keep an eye out for job vacancies on these platforms. These platforms also allow you to connect to a wide variety of people and thereby help you to enlarge your professional network. Networking with a variety of people can open you to opportunities you otherwise would not have received.

3)      Participate in debates and discussions

There are always plenty of debates and discussions going on, on professional networking platforms. Keep an eye out for debates that concern your field. This will allow you to showcase your knowledge and will also reflect your personality. This will help you in making a good impression on potential employers. Make sure that while participating in these debates you don’t get carried away and lose your calm. This will form a negative impression on the employer. Keep it professional and informative.

4)      Join groups related to your field

This again boils down to enlarging your network. Being a part of a community is always beneficial. Joining these professional groups will allow you to showcase your ideas and may end up introducing you to your new employers. Talking to someone in these groups will also set you apart from the other candidates who applied using the traditional ways.

5)      Build an online personality

Building a holistic personality rather than just a strictly professional one is crucial. It can help you showcase your other interests and talents. Don’t just stick to professional networking sites, use other platforms such as Instagram to showcase your personality.

6)      Job search hashtags

Job seekers must follow certain hashtags such as #now hiring #applynow #lookingforinterns. This will allow you to be aware of the new vacancies. Following some hashtags which are relevant to your field specifically is also a good idea to make your job search more efficient.

7)      Keep your social media squeaky clean

Though it is important to show your personality on social media, you must also keep in mind that oversharing might not be helpful especially when you’re looking for a job. Refrain from using profanities and extremist political or religious opinions. Images of excessive partying will also affect your chances of making a good impression on your potential employers. Having a few non-professional pictures is enough, you don’t need to tell your employers everything.

8)      Make your account more findable

As a social media user, you must be aware of social media visibility. You can make your account more visible and findable on social media by using the correct keywords. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization. This will make it easier for employers to find you.

9)      Cold messaging

Don’t be afraid to cold message people about job opportunities. Even if you don’t know the person, people on professional networking sites are usually willing to help people out because they are also trying to build their network just like you. While cold messaging is completely normal, don’t message people repeatedly without context. Talk straight to the point at least for the first few messages.

10)   Company job accounts

Many companies these days have specific social media accounts for hiring purposes. Follow as many of such accounts as you can. Though your job search must be targeted, following as many accounts as you can do you no harm. You never know what might interest you so don’t put up unnecessary filters.


So, there you go folks. Keep these in mind while looking for a jobs in Lady Lake FL  by using social media. Quit mindless scrolling and use social media more efficiently. We hope these help. Good luck!

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