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Top 23 Tips to Boost Instagram Followers in 2023

Instagram is among the most well-known social media platforms around the world. With over a billion active users Instagram can provide your company.

With an audience that will consume your content and turn them into ambassadors, brand ambassadors and even customers. Instagram can be a powerful platform filled with potential.

Before we go into ways to increase your following on Instagram Let’s take examine some of the most valuable Instagram data. If you want to generate a fake Instagram post then you can generate it from the fake Instagram post.

Instagram Statistics

  • In 64 per cent of the cases.
  • In the month of July 2022, Instagram’s 1.440 billion users will be targeted through advertisers, placing it as the fourth among the most active social media networks worldwide.
  • Each day 4.2 billion Instagram posts are liked by Instagram users.
  • Instagram business account posts typically have an engagement rate of 0.83%.
  • The most active Instagram users are from India (201 million) as well as India (201 million), the United States (157 million) as well as Brazil (115 million).

This provides a clear picture of the variety of possibilities Instagram offers.

Let’s take a look at ways followers can be accrued on Instagram.

Tips to Boost Instagram Followers:

1. Utilize Your Bio to Benefit You.

A welcoming interesting and captivating bio should be what users will see when they visit the Instagram page. In a sense, it’s like the home page of your business. The bio provides people with an idea of what your company’s mission is about. 

The bio should include the URL to your website or your most recent information for quick access. You may also include relevant hashtags in your bio to attract attention from people who visit your site. A great bio goes quite a way.

2. Make Use of Hashtags that are relevant to Your Content.

Hashtags are a great way to introduce your material to a new audience. Make use of specific hashtags for your brand (hashtags specifically associated with your company’s brand) or hashtags that are relevant to the audience you want to reach. 

The more relevant users discover your hashtags the more likely they’ll be likely to be following your company’s brand.

3. Upload Your Article at the Correct Timing.

This will increase the exposure of your business. Based on research by sprout social, prior to the COVID period, the most effective time to upload content on Instagram was 11 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as 2 3 PM on Tuesdays.

4. Use Followers to steal from your Competitors.

You can snatch followers from your competition by engaging them. If you consider how many people have been following your competitors They represent a high-quality group of people who could be the brand’s ambassadors. 

Engage with your customers by following them, liking their posts, as well as commenting upon their posts. The more you interact with them the more likely you will be to grow your own brand.

5. Payment for Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews.

First of all, it is essential to locate influencers in the field you are in. By having them promote your content, you will allow it to be seen by an even larger audience. 

Influencers with more than 20k subscribers and their email addresses on their bios may be interested in working with your company. For unique products, it is possible to send them an item to test and share.

6. Make use of Geotags for local discoverability.

When you tag your location on your stories or content those searching for the area can find your content. This can help you promote your business locally to the right target audience. You may also share your stories and posts related to the area.

7. Make use of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories allow you to increase the number of followers and expand your base of users. It can boost your brand’s credibility. 

Also, boost interaction and offer your customers the inside scoop on your company. It is possible to endorse your blog and your content, write about relevant content, etc.

8. Highlight Important Stories.

Highlights in stories can help you organize your stories so that they convey the story of your brand. about. Because of the brief life that stories have, highlight stories offer your content a second chance. 

And encourages users to adhere to your company’s brand. Since they are a type of archive that can be classified, stories can be categorised for better use. You can generate a fake Instagram post from the fake Instagram post generator.

9. Ask for Followers.

Your content may be popular with people but they aren’t likely to adhere to your brand’s standards yet. What they require is occasional encouragement. This can be accomplished by asking people to follow your brand. 

You can incorporate them into your captions as well as within the comment section of your website, inviting people to follow you and be engaged on your page.

10. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

It is possible to increase your engagement and visibility by staying up-to-date with trends. Your content and hashtags should be aligned with current trends. 

Make sure that your content is written in a relevant manner and has something your target audience could find interesting.

11. Run Contests and Prizes.

By hosting contests and prizes that you run, you will be able to attract more people to your page. One of the ways you can use this includes asking people to share, like or comment, make use of an appropriate hashtag or tag a friend and the list goes on.

12. Be Consistent with Posts.

Make sure your posts are on an established schedule, and adhere to a specific Theme. You can plan your posts to make them more engaging theme, and also tell your readers a story that you wish to convey. 

The scheduling of posts also means that you are able to develop the content you want to publish earlier instead of just winging it.

13. Be a keeper of your Instagram Followers.

Be sure to monitor your progress. The data analytics on Instagram will give you a better understanding of what your weaknesses are and the areas where you have room to make improvements. 

You can also build your reputation by identifying the factors that make for the most successful posts.

14. Utilize Instagram ads.

With the knowledge that Facebook has now taken over Instagram as well, you may want to make use of Facebook’s advertising manager for Instagram ads. 

They allow your posts to be presented to a larger number of people. Your ads will be shown to potential customers based on their preferences, demographics, and key behaviour. You can make use of video ads, carousel ads story ads, etc.

15. Design visually attractive ads.

Your ads on Instagram aren’t going to be effective in the absence of grabbing user the attention of users. The things you could concentrate on include:

By using images that are native and natural on the system.

Reduce the amount of text used in advertisements.

Ensure that your captions are pertinent to your image and target audience.

Use hashtags to showcase your posts to a bigger crowd.

16. Utilize Instagram Tools.

Tools let you create and connect with your followers. They will help you plan your posts, provide insight and analytics, and find the most appropriate hashtags that you could use to promote your posts. 

The most well-known tools available include Hootsuite, Later, Linktree, etc.

17. Create Your Style.

Develop a visual style that lets you make an impression on your target audience. This will allow you to develop a distinctive style for your brand that customers will instantly recognize. 

This style will become part of your brand’s image, which ultimately increases brand recognition.

18. Utilize User-Generated Content.

UGC (User-Generated Content) helps improve the credibility of your brand. It also enhances the human side of your brand. This, in turn, can improve the relationship you have with your followers. 

Users might be required to share images that relate to a specific hashtag, or tag their friends and so on.

19. Make use of high-quality images and Videos with high-quality photos.

Images of the best quality, with original and authentic should be employed. Making sure this is done will help users build an intimate relationship and trust the image. Video content must be entertaining, short and informative so that viewers don’t lose their interest.

20. Promote Your Content through other channels of social media.

What’s the point of a social media profile when you don’t make use of them? It is possible to promote your Instagram profile through various social platforms. Promoting your profile on offline events, such as printed ads or other events can go quite a ways.

21. Use keywords to appear in Google Searches.

To make your posts more discoverable, Instagram advises using appropriate keywords in captions for posts. This is due to an alteration in the way search results are presented. 

In the past, search results were only relevant hashtags, accounts and even locations. The pages that are geared towards keyword searches to be browsed are now included in the search results.

In this article on ‘how to increase followers on Instagram’, we covered topics like important statistics of Instagram, and some tips and tricks like taking advantage of your bio, using appropriate hashtags, scheduling posts, using Instagram ads, using geotags, using Instagram tools, and so on.

Do you have any questions relating to how you can make use of Instagram to increase your followers? Shoot us your questions in the comments section, and our experts will contact you shortly!

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