Top 3 Modes of Treatments for Hair Fall Problems

Hair loss is one of the top problems in ageing men related to hair. But, did you know, there are other things that you can do to maintain your hair health than just supplements? So, we have a complete package of treatments for you. We will try to cover all modes of treatments for hair fall and the methods you must apply.

Top 3 Modes of Treatments for Hair fall 

We will talk about Allopathic, homeopathic and herbal methods of treatment.

Allopathic medicines

There are two most famous allopathic medicines for hair fall problems. You need to have some top over-the-counter medicines that work. Some of the top are.

  • Minoxidil

Minoxidil is one of the oldest products in the market that would help you with hair growth problems. It was first introduced as a hypertension medicine and with the results of hair growth, its potential was recognised. Today, it is one of the most effective products that can help you with hair growth. You can use it to see a regrowth of hair and reduction in hair fall with this one.

This medicine comes in different forms, including foam and shampoo. Some experts recommend its use in the form of foam for better absorption. It is one of the best hair treatment at home that you can see results with.

  • Finasteride

Unlike Minoxidil, this one is a prescription medicine that you can use as a daily pill. Try using it for at least 6 months to see some results and it may help grow hair. Although there are some side effects of this one, it works for many men. Side effects include sex drive problems and sexual function problems.

The use of these medications does promise some results but may contain side effects. Moreover, they might not work for many people who need solutions.

Homeopathic medicines

We will talk about some homeopathic medicines that work well enough to save your hair.

  • Silicea

Silicea is one of the best medicines in the homeopathy world. The experts believe that it is one of the best in the section of hair fall problems. This medicine is derived from human tissues and sandstones and can help nourish the hair.

  • Kalium Carbonicum

This homeopathic medicine can help you by stopping hair fall. You can try this medicine to see results for brittle and thinning hair problems.

  • Lycopodium

Lycopodium is helpful for different types of balding problems. This one is used in homeopathic hair treatment products to get rid of premature balding. Moreover, women who have hair loss after pregnancy may have this problem. This one works for both men and women and you can try it to gain results.

  • Phosphorus

This one is effective for people who are looking to get hair back on their heads. You can use this one even if your hair fall due to dandruff or any other scalp problem.

Herbal Products

In this section, we will talk about some top methods to treat hair fall. Some top methods to do it are:

  • Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is one of the top herbs for hair treatments that can help. You can use it to get results with its ability to stimulate blood flow and circulation. You can see results with an improvement in blood flow to the hair and scalp. The best method to use for this problem is to apply topically to the area. The use of this product has been found effective for hair growth that you can use it for. That is why it is a hair tonic.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is another herb that you can use to heal the scalp and improve hair growth. You can use it as both tea and oil.

  • Ginseng

Just like other hair tonics, you can use this one for hair problems and improve hair growth. You can see a better circulation of blood to the hair to see results. It improves hair growth by working as a tonic and improving circulation to the scalp.

Best Treatment for Hair 

  • Roghan Narial

Roghan narial is one of the best treatment for hair that you can use for hair fall. This product is by Ajmal dawakhana who sell effective and pure oils for hair fall. There are numerous benefits of this oil for hair fall. You can use it for better hair growth and remove dandruff.

  • Roghan Gesu Daraz

This one is another helpful product by Ajmal dawakhana. You can use it for effective hair growth as a hair care routine  and see better hair. There are several benefits of this oil, including hair growth, prevention of hair fall, and beautifying hair. You can also use it for the better appearance of hair.

  • Benazir Hair Oil

This one is from Hamdard and is effective for hair problems. You can use it for hair growth problems and for hair growth and nourishing your hair roots. You may massage it directly to the hair to nourish hair.

Other Methods

Some more hair tonics can help your hair grow. Some best hair tonics are

  • Allopathic Supplements

Some allopathic supplements help improve hair growth. Among of these are

  1. You should try using foods and supplements with biotin; It can help improve hair growth.
  2. The use of Vitamin D would certainly help you with hair growth. The people who have hair fall problems are asked to do a Vitamin D test to see if there is a deficiency of that.
  3. Sometimes, people might lose hair due to iron deficiency. So, get tests for that and get better hair growth.

These methods are effective for this problem and help grow your hair.


We talked about top 3 modes of treatment for hair fall. You can try some top methods to get your hair to the right level. Some medicines for hair fall are minoxidil, Finasteride and others. You can learn more here about herbal remedies to have the results that you need.


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