Top 3 Strategies to Promote your Online Event

Over the past one year, brands have witnessed a sudden change in the way events are being organized. The concept of virtual or online events was there in the past as well. However, the unprecedented events of the past year have made the practice of conducting online events the only option.

Unlike in-person events, virtual events demand a complete change in the way one promotes a brand. The most important part is promoting the event on social platforms, online event listing sites, etc. If you are new to organizing a virtual event, then here are some tips that will help you to get started with promoting your event online.

Tips to Promote Event Online

1. Prepare content to sort your expectations

It is important to have the bulk of your event prepared before you even start marketing it. This way, you would be able to sort out who your target audience should be and what are your expectations. Your content should also include hypothetical profiles such as what the age group of your ideal attendee should be, the profession, goals, and motivations. Here are some contents that you should start preparing months ahead before the promotion period begins:

  • Landing and registration pages
  • Theme and key discussion points
  • Promotional emails and social media posts

2. Build a landing page

An online or virtual event is a separate event that is designed to focus on a selective section of candidates. Hence, it demands a separate landing page that is meant for a particular purpose. A good landing page should be able to draw the attention of the audience and influence them to take the call to action. In addition to the design, here are some important points to be taken into consideration when building a landing page:

  • Ensure that the key information is present, such as the event name, the date, and the agenda.
  • The pricing information, as well as the cancellation and the refund policy.
  • Incorporate important keywords that will help to search.
  • Place the call to action above the fold to encourage target customers to take immediate action.

Besides this, your sponsors and speakers should also be ready to spread the word. Encourage them to get involved in the event promotion. Here are some promotion ideas that you can try out:

  • Offer to write guest posts on your sponsor’s blogging site to help promote the event.
  • Talk about the speakers and highlight their achievement in your marketing content.
  • Partner with other organizations for cross-promotional opportunities.
  • Issue press releases through relevant publications.

3. Get support from stakeholders

Promoting a virtual event is not something you try doing alone. It requires the involvement relevant parties To get the credibility of your event, you also need to leverage speakers, sponsors, employees, and even attendees themselves. If the main objective of your event is to increase sales or leads, then getting the support of the sales and marketing department is very important. Include them in your decision-making plans and commitment, and in this way you will be able to get the right person signing up and reduce the risk of postponing an event due to lack of planning.

Need help with promoting your online event?

Due to the global pandemic in 2021, online events have become the viable choice. But the success of the event still depends on the participation. Effective event management can leave attendees feeling like they have achieved something, whether that is learning something new or making valuable connections. However, preparing one can be challenging, especially if you are new to the game. So I hope with this 3 strategies will be able to make your online event a success.

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