Top 5 Biggest Exporter Countries In 2021

Exports mean international trade if one country’s goods or services are provided and sold to another

country is called export or International trade. Those countries which provide services and goods for

another country are called exporters and those countries that purchase this are called importers.

Exports are extremely important for their country’s development and also for the country’s economy.

Exports offer those services and goods which provide high quality and also in high quantity in their

home countries. Additionally this economic trade also made the best relationship between exporter

and importer countries.

Benefit Of Export For Country 

Governments generally focus on increasing exports rather than imports. This system of exportation

brings many jobs with high wages. Exportation also affects the living standard of their country’s

residents, and also increases their currency value all over the world. Mainly countries’ governments

used trade protections that helped to raise the number of imports that gives industries great

advantages in the market.  Additionally many of the countries whose relationships are good so sign

agreements with other countries to reduce their trade protections which creates many benefits with

the help of this trade relationship. Those countries which have the best natural commodities in the

production of valuable exports so make a comparative advantage because this country produces a

high quantity of exports at a lower opportunity cost than other countries. For example the population

of India is a great advantage of this country because many of the people in this country speak English

this allows them to easily find affordable call center workers. Some countries have a great climate in

producing certain crops like Jamaica has a great climate in the production of coffee and like this many

of the countries have these benefits.

5 Biggest Exporter Country In All Over The World


Aside from the European Union China is the largest exporter in the world. In 2017 about $ 2.16 worth

of services and goods which also included electronic equipment and machinery were exported by

China 2017. It’s about 19.6% of China’s GDP in that year. And in 2018 it decreased and made 12.9% of

the total services and goods production globally. But in 2020 the exportation of China is highly

decreased because of this pandemic and this exportation percentage is goes to 17.65% which amount

is over 2.6 trillion U.S dollars in 2020 more than one trillion of goods and services are provided in the

United States which is almost half of china exports of 2020. In 2009, China took the place of Germany

which is the largest exporting nation worldwide. In 2014, China was not only the world’s largest

exporter but it is also the biggest trading nation in terms of export and import.


The U.S. is the second-largest and biggest exporter in the world, which is almost $1.58 trillion of

exports in 2017. In the exports of U.S including planes spacecraft pharmaceuticals helicopters and

refined petroleum. There is one of the biggest reasons which makes the United States behind China

because when you compare the price of China goods with the U.S you will be going into shock. Exports

of the United States are about $2,131.9 billion worth of goods and services in 2020, which is down

$396.4 billion in comparison with 2019. Which consisted of $1,434.8 billion dollars of goods and

$697.1 billion dollars of services. In 2020 increasing in these exports will deflect about $51.5 billion, or

6.0%, which is about $915.8 billion decreasing the services from $50.4 billion, or 17.5%, to $237.1

billion. If we talk about the percentage, the exportation deficit will be about 3.2% in 2020, which is up

from 2.7% in 2019. The heaviest decline in exportation was held in 2020 because of the contribution

of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Germany Exportation

This country exported about $1.40 trillion of services and goods in the year 2017 this country is the

worlds third biggest and largest exporter. And this country is also included in the most technologically

advanced country in the world. Germany is the biggest exporter of automobiles, this country’s car

brand and technology are very famous all over the world like BMW and Volkswagen. They also export

pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronics, and many types of chemicals. Germany is the third world’s

largest exporter because it exports about 1$ trillion worth of products which helps Germany to stand

behind China and the United States. Germany is also the world’s biggest exporter of trucks or box

trucks. These trucks also made a high percentage in exportation.


The Value of Japan in 2017 is $683.3 billion. Japan’s country is also the world’s third-largest

automobile manufacturer. Toyota is the biggest car manufacturing brand in the world. This country

also exports automobile parts, and electronics like Nintendo Panasonic Sony and many more. About

20.2% of Japan goes to the United States and 17.6% of exports go to China.

South Korea Exports

This country’s name is included in the Fifth world’s largest exporter which exports many types of

goods and services. In 2017 this country estimated about $577.4 billion of exports. South Korea

development and total driven is totally depending on exports This country does not have any rich

natural resources. So it’s highly dependent on the exportation of electronics automobiles computers

ships and petrochemicals.  This country’s biggest companies that play a big role in exportation are

Samsung LG KIA and Hyundai.


Trucks have a great role in the part of exportation because without box trucks we are not able to travel

the exports items in small areas without it. After these top five countries’ exports there are other more

five countries which are also playing a big role in exportation is the Netherlands Hong Kong Italy

France, and Belgium. These countries have a big role to fulfill the requirements of all over the world.

Many of the countries don’t fulfill their requirements with the help of their production, in this way

exports are very necessary to fully fulfill our requirements. 

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