Top 5 Wearable App Development Companies in New York

Wearable App Development Companies

With the evolution of the mobile app, people are Using Wearable devices to track now ready to transform future Mobile trends and technologies.

Introducing Wearable App development trends in 2022, users have become more addicted to the apps as the technology has made their life more comfortable.

Unique features and outstanding performance is the key to success in Wearable App development. 

If you are a business owner and looking for a Wearable App Development Company in New York, this post is for you. 

In this blog post, we will be explaining Wearable App Development Companies in New York.

List Of Top Wearable App Development Companies in New York


Established in 2011, AppsChopper is a well-established mobile app development company with offices in New York, Walpole, and Boston.

App developers working at the company have expertise in developing impeccable wearable apps for both Android and iOS platforms and use agile development methodology.

They create high-end wearable apps using advanced technologies, like Android SDK, iOS Cocoa Touch, etc. 

The wearable app development company renders high-tech wearable app solutions from scratch and serves clients across the globe. AppsChopper is one of the preferable wearable app development companies for businesses belonging to different industry niches, like education, healthcare, travel, etc. 

AppsChopper has delivered top-quality wearable app solutions to brands, like D-Link, Motorola, Duracell, Philips, Unilever, etc. Apart from delivering wearable app development. Appschopper app developers are proficient in providing other services, like PWA, React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android app development.  


Another reliable mobile app development company that provides wearable app development services is Wildcard. App developers working at this company excel in creating high-end wearable apps for platforms, like Android and iOS, using cutting-edge technologies. 

App developers working at Wildcard have years of experience in delivering high-end wearable app services to clients of different industry verticals. Apart from wearable app development services, they provide other services that include business strategy & analysis, marketing roadmap, product roadmap, UI/UX, maintenance & support, etc. 

App developing team of wildcard understands the business expectations and starts working around it. The company has delivered multiple wearable app projects with the utmost client satisfaction. 


Zrix is an innovative IT enterprise based in the USA. The company has skillful app developers who are experts in creating wearable apps.

They deliver custom-made wearable app solutions as per the business requirements and guide businesses in driving maximum return on investment (ROI). 

Zrix follows a client-first approach and focuses on enhancing the app performance by creating interactive UI app design. The company provides a best-in-class user experience by developing customer-centric wearable apps for iOS and Android platforms. 

App developers of the company can work with startups and well-established enterprises, and meet their business expectations. They design aesthetically-pleasing wearable app designs, and also provide post-app launch maintenance & support. 


TechnBrains is a software app development company that provides top-quality app solutions, like wearable app development. App developers of the company help businesses in meeting their expectations with the utmost user satisfaction. 

TechnBrains have been in the industry for the past 21 years, and They have built more than 1,000 mobile apps. The company follows an agile development approach and develops innovative digital solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. 

App developers start developing the app by first understanding the business requirements and conducting an in-depth competitive analysis. They leverage cutting-edge technologies for delivering a great user experience. 


Founded in 2010, QUYTECH is a reliable mobile app development company where app developers provide bespoke mobile app solutions. App developers of the company have expertise in different industries, like wearables. They use advanced technologies to develop wearable apps.

Apart from wearable app development, the company provides other services, like AR/VR, AI/ML, strategic mobile consulting, outsourcing, and more.


Hopefully, you have got an idea about the Wearable app development companies in New York. If you are a business owner or interested in developing a wearable app, connect with these companies to avail top-notch wearable app development services and proceed with your development process.

Developing a Wearable app is a good choice. Before you proceed further, you need to be assured about the platform you are choosing for your business and what is your user base. 

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